Today I am back at work after spending the most amazing week ever in Bali. I lay by the pool, got massages, drank my weight in cocktails and ate on average 5 or 6 meals a day. It was pure bliss and couldn’t have been any better. The icing on the  cake was that I got engaged!!! Fat girl has finally found her fat boy and will be getting married. Sorry lads,I am officially off the market. I do hope there aren’t too many broken hearts out there. Due to the sheer amount of food I consumed on this holiday I really couldn’t let you know everything we had but here are a few of the highlights and what you can expect to bring back.


On Bali island itself, chocolate is quite scarce, although there are a few treats to be found, In all convenience stores they have Malaysian Cadburys. I use to be so particular over my Cadburys telling anyone who would listen that it’s just not the same as the English one, but this was rather good. Has it improved or have I just been in Asia too long? Be sure to stock up on a few bars. Also you can find Kinder Bueno and Kinder Joys everywhere. However It’s at the airport upon departing that things get good, Malteasers, Celebrations, Mars planets and Dime bars are all here! I managed to control myself this year and spent only a mere $36 USD on duty free chocolate this time, half my usual amount.



Although you might be disappointed with the lack of chocolate on Bali, the variety of crisps more than makes up for it. They have kettle chips in a variety of flavours and even English Tyrells!!! Also Scottish Mackies and America’s Boulders. I munched my way through about 10 large bags of gourmet crisps this week, I just kept forgetting to take pictures of them. Also worth mentioning are a local brand of salt and vinegar crisps. Not strong in flavour but they had a really great texture. They tasted just like the little crispy bits found at the bottom of a potion of chips with salt and vinegar. They come highly recommended by me.


Supermarket sweep

One of the highlights of my holiday is always visiting a local supermarket to see what can be found at much lower prices. I stocked up lots of Indonesian ingredients like sweet soy sauce, rendang, satay paste, nasi goreng spice mix etc. I also bought vanilla pods and a big bag of saffron for a a mere 700 won. Lastly I got a bag of rigatoni, egg noodles,  and a tin of British Heinz baked beans!



Yes I know you can’t eat these but I stocked up on everything as it was crazy cheap. We all know how expensive it can be to buy deodorant and brand name shampoos in Korea so I filled my basket.



We had one particularly fancy meal out at Jemme in Seminyak, which serves gourmet English food. How was I to resist this? They also have an all night 2 for 1 cocktail special which sealed the deal. Niall had a tuna tartar for starter whilst I had a Portobello stuffed mushroom. Both were great.

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For the mains Niall had a crusted rack of lamb which was to die for. I had a roast chicken with a trio of gravies and cauliflower cheese with assorted veg. This was was for two people but I couldn’t resist and had one to myself, with a little help from Niall.


Onto the dessert platter, we once again had the special for two. Included was rice pudding, lemon tart, chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, citrus panacotta and coffee meringue. Niall was rather full after eating half his own dinner and some of mine so had to bow out on dessert, so I ended up eating most of this by myself. Fat girl likes a challenge though and never shrinks away from a task. The meal was spectacular and well priced at around $100 for the two of us including all our drinks.


Another  favourite restaurant of ours was  Kafe in Ubud. This organic paradise was fantastic. Everything was healthy, and they had plenty of vegetarian, gluten free, and raw dishes on the menu. We went here a few times over the week and tried lots of different things. It’s the kind of place I would love to own one day. Everything is locally sourced or made in house and was truly scrumptious. Star dishes were a feta chicken sandwich on focaccia, cashew chicken stir fry, and a mezze platter.


Cocktails galore are available on Bali. Everywhere you look there are 2 for 1 happy hours on all manner of fabulously flavoured mojitos. I drank them by the bucket load. I also managed to find my favourite cocktail in the world, the Rapaska! At Ku De Ta, the most gorgeous place on Seminyak beach, they serve up premium cocktails whilst you laze on large day beds overlooking the sea whilst watching the sunset. This is also where we got engaged. We washed down all manner of drinks to celebrate including a $50 fish bowl of sangria.



We also indulged in pizza, tacos, samosas, satays, dip platters and various quick bites whilst enjoying our many cocktails. Here are a few of our favourites. Everything on Bali was exceptionally good and I don’t think we had a bad meal the whole time we were there. Competition is so fierce it keeps up the quality. So I would certainly recommend it as a holiday hotspot for fellow foodies.




And just in case you were worried about my complete lack of nutrients this week, here are some of the lovely breakfasts that we had at our hotels.

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  1. Congratulations on the engagement! As usual, this post is ever so timely. I’m headed to Bali in 2 weeks and can’t wait to enjoy the food, lounge by the pool, and be massaged until I melt like butter.

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