Before I jetted off to Bali I paid a visit to Springs Tap House in lieu of my new job at Chips Maps. Yes, I am finally going to be a published writer!!! For those of you not in the know, Chips maps is a FREE magazine, listing all the wonderful places in the Itaewon area that you can eat and drink. It also has other useful places too, but I think you know where my priorities lie. This month I have written the piece for neighbourhood grub, a star dish that you can get at one of the wonderful eateries in the area that you won’t find anywhere else. So be sure to grab a copy and read all about it. Here is a more comprehensive review of the latest gastro-pub and craft beer joint in our fair area.

When arriving at Springs Tap House I was struck by how fancy the menu was. When walking past It was not what I expected at all. I was thinking it would be just beer and pub food but the menu is far more complex than that and actually offers one of the best gourmet experiences in the area. Hummus pizza, corned beef tongue, and Jeju-do bacon all feature on the unique menu.

My first choice was the Deer Hunter (15,000). A freshly ground venison burger topped with lettuce, red onion and whole grain Dijon mustard housed in a home-made artisan bun.The venison was grilled to perfection, while still being nice and rare in the middle. Just the way I like it. The home-made mustard was also a great accompaniment. There was a little too much lettuce in the burger but it wasn’t much of a chore to take some out. The shoe string fries that accompanied the dish were perfect, they were topped with a rosemary infused salt that was excellent. All in all a good burger. I would be interested to try the beef version next time too.


My second dish of choice Triple Crown Pate (13,000). Oven baked gruyere and three mushroom pate and a chick pea and cherry tomato tapenade served with toasted bread chips. The presentation of this dish was spectacular. The second the server put the dish on our table my nostrils were filled with the glorious aroma of truffles. It was like a sweet perfume that accompanied our whole meal. Both the pate and the tapenade were delicious and I would certainly order this dish again.


Not surprisingly this gastro-pub has plenty of beer. Original imported beers from Canada all with jaunty names. My favourite being the Fat guy, as he seemed like a man after my own heart.

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All in all I was very impressed with Springs  Tap house. The menu was adventurous and well executed. I will certainly be visiting them again soon to try a few more dishes.

Springs Tap house is located in Kyungnidan at 658 Itaewon-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station (line 6). Walk straight out of exit 2  for about 500 meters until you get to the underground walkway. Go down the stairs, turn right and cross the street (underground) then go up the left-side exit of the underground walkway.
Walk 10 meters and you’ll see The Springs Tap House across the street between Bao and Pier 39. For more information check out their facebook page or call them on  02-759-7732.



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