OK, so it’s happened, since the opening of Flower Gin, I have become a bit of a Gin slag. I’ve had more gin in the past 2 weeks than I have had in a lifetime. When having a browse of some gin based cocktails I came across Heston Blumenthal’s cucumber infused gin. I wanted it immediately, so I rushed right out to buy all the ingredients. Heston used his own lovely Waitrose earl grey gin to make it, but sadly we can’t buy it here. I would have used a bottle of Bombay Sapphire or some lovely Hendrick’s but it’s still 5 days until pay day so I used a bottom of the barrel bottle of cheap Combo gin. After a little more research though, I found this could be a plus as the cucumber will have more of a presence due to the lack of flavour the gin has. After consuming copious amounts, I can say without  a shadow of a doubt that cheap gin is the way forward, it was bloody gorgeous and as soon as I finish this bottle I shall be making another. Happy Ginning!


1 bottle of gin

3 cucumbers


Peel your cucumbers then roughly chop them. Put them into a jug with the gin and blend them until pulverized. Cover and refrigerate for about 24 hours. When the gin has infused strain off the cucumber though a sieve.

To make the gin and tonic, fill a tall glass with ice. you may notice from my picture that my ice cubes are nice and fancy. I chopped up some pieces of lemon and cucumber and form them into the ice cubes to make them extra pretty. Top with 50ml of gin and 150ml-200ml of tonic. Serve with a wedge of lemon and enjoy. Voilà cucumber infused gin!




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  1. Just made this and oh, my, god. It’s spectacular. This will be my drink of choice for the remainder of the warm weather! A friend recommended adding a wedge of ginger to the blender so I’ll try that for bottle #2!

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