I have been meaning to get around to showing you guys this for ages. I made this lovely cake for my lovely friends Dominika and James as their wedding cake. I had stared looking at these lovely cakes on pinterest and never dreamed I would be able to pull one off myself. But it came out perfectly. I had done the rose design on a small scale before but now it was time to tackle the ombre. I have a plan to make this for my own wedding so actually relished the opportunity to have a little practice. It took me three nights, but if you had time you could easily do it in two. Probably a whole day overall. I also went through an insane amount of butter cream frosting, so this is definitely a job for Costco if you don’t want to be bankrupt by the end of it. The actual roses are extremely easy to do and the most novice of bakers could pull it off. It’s all about the tip which I bought at the bakers mart, that provides the rose, all you have to do is make a swirl.



4 sticks of butter (550g)

550g grams of white sugar

5 eggs

550g of flour

2 tablespoons of baking powder

A pinch of salt

200ml of milk

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Pink food coloring


500g of cream cheese

4 sticks of butter (550g)

650g of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Pink food coloring


First you need to make 6 sponges. I made mine in two batches as my mixing bowl is not nearly big enough, so split the ingredients about in half if you are going to do this.  If you want to speed things up or take the easy road you could use 2 boxes of cake mix instead.

First cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Then beat in the eggs. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a separate bowl and mix the vanilla extract with the milk in another. Start off by folding in a third of the flour mixture, then adding half the milk, then adding the second third of flour, then the second half of the milk, then the flour. Make sure your mixture is combined well, then share between 3 bowls. You will need to repeat the process with your second batch of ingredients so you have six bowls of cake mix overall.

To make the ombre layers you need to have 6 different gradients of your base colour. I left one plain then started on the lightest pink. One drop of  food colouring was almost too much for this so be careful. I think I did 2 drops for the second level. Add your colouring until you reach colours that you are happy with.  I filled my tins with each of the different colours . I used the throw away round silver foil dishes, I just found it easier. They have a slight ridge on them but you can iron this out with frosting later. I baked them two at a time, because my new oven is lovely and big and can fit in two. When I made my rainbow cake I had to do it singly though. If yours is big enough, cook a few at a time. The layers are thin so they don’t take too long, about 12 minutes each at 175 degrees Celcius. Whilst the first 3 colours were baking I started on making the second batch of mix for the last 3. Remove them from the heat and allow to cool. I left mine overnight.

To make the frosting allow the butter and cream cheese to come to room temperature. Then mix together with the vanilla extract until combined. Add the icing sugar a bit at a time until all the icing sugar has combined and the frosting is a good consistency. You can add more or less icing sugar depending on how sweet you like it.

To assemble the cake. Place your sponges in the fridge or the freezer for an hour to let them harden. They will be much easier to work with. Put the darkest sponge at the bottom and add a layer of frosting then top with the next darkest one. Add another layer of frosting and top with the second to last darkest one, then put the whole thing back in the fridge for about an hour to let it harden. If you try to assemble all the layers at this point it will end up being very wonky or could collapse. After an hour add a layer of frosting to the top and place the next sponge on top. Add another layer of frosting, then top with the light pink. Top with another layer of frosting and finally top  with the lightest colored sponge. Give the top layer a very thin coating of frosting. Then do a fine crumb coating around the edge of the cake trying to fill in any gaps between the layers. When that’s finished put the whole thing in the fridge for at least another hour.

Now it’s time to start your ombre roses. I decided to do mine light to dark, but you can do the opposite if you prefer. I started with the base colour and did one layer of roses around the edge. You literally just make a spiral, starting in the middle and go once or twice around. Try to join them up as best as you can, and fill in any gaps with blobs of frosting. Once your first layer is finished, pop the cake back in the fridge and let it set before taking the next one. Add a little food coloring to your frosting to make your next layer and do the same as before. Then pop it in the fridge before doing the third and fourth layer. Cover the top with the same color you used for the fourth layer, making sure you fill in any gaps. When you have finished decorating leave in the fridge for at least another two hours to let it set properly.


This cake may have taken quite a few hours to make, but it was worth it to see the guests smile about it at the wedding. Everyone said how lovely it was and for me that made all the hours worth it. It’s not really a difficult thing to make at all, it’s just time consuming. So if you want to make a beautiful cake for a friend’s wedding or event and don’t have much skill decorating wise, ombre roses are the way to go.




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