Left Coast has moved to a new location, check out my review of the new place here

As you know Fat Girl loves a burger more than anything in the world (even more than The Fat Boyfriend.) But a burger that meats my requirements (pun intended) is a scarce thing in and around Itaewon. So much so, that I even started making my own.   So when I heard about Left Coast Artisan Burgers I was extremely keen to try it. Located near Itaewon station, this second floor eatery is cool, bright and all about good food. With its open plan kitchen, you can see the masters at work.

As soon as I looked at the menu, there was one burger that leapt straight off the page. The John Wayne (15,000). Bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and barbecue sauce. All housed in freshly baked home-made bun. Just one bite and I was in love. This burger had all my favourite ingredients, I was a very happy girl. Mmmm burger.


The Kalbi fries (12,000) were recommended and were sooooooooo so good. Chips, topped with marinated pork, hoisin onion, and sour cream. Just reminiscing about them now makes me hunger for a bowl. We also got the regular fries, which are hand cut but I’d say splash out and get the Kalbi ones, I promise they are worth every penny.


We also got two of the mini me burgers (10,000), A piece of fried chicken, with creamy appleslaw and lettuce. They were cute and tasty and sure fire hit for those who don’t want beef. I also enjoyed the smaller size, for those that can’t manage a whole burger. I obviously ate a normal burger and a mini one, but of course I know not everyone has the dedication to burger eating that I do.


We got a lovely surprise delivered when I told them it was The Fat Boyfriend’s birthday. They served us up their dessert of a warm cookie with ice-cream and cream (6,000). We had a bunch of men with us, all claiming they were full and  didn’t like desserts but as soon as it was placed in front of us they all dug a spoon in and were fighting over it. You need to try this delicious dessert, your taste buds will thank you.


They also have a nice range of beverages at Left Coast, craft beers like the winter solstice or watermelon wheat. They even have a good time lemonade and sangria, for fatties like myself who don’t fancy beer.  A cocktail and a burger what could be better?

Left Coast is located at 130-43 Itaewon-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and walk out of exit 4, turn back on yourself and take the road on your left (the street where Taco Bell is) and walk straight. Keep walking on the same side you’re on for about 150 meters, Left Coast is on the right on the second floor.  Call them on 02-6223-5338 to make a reservation or check out their facebook page for more details.




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  1. Left Coast Burgers has changed locations, and we are now in 118-59 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. If you have any questions, we can be contacted at 02-790-3459. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the update Matthew, I have written a new post about the new location, I just need to update the old ones <3

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