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A week or two ago my lovely friend Mat took me out for dinner. He knows I’m a lady who needs to be well fed so he took me out for treat, and what treat it was. I wasn’t sure what to expect as all I had heard was the name, but the food was spectacular. Modern pan-Asian cuisine that took me right back to my days of living in Sydney where everything was fresh and full of flavour just like this. Located near Hangangjin station, this small and cute restaurant, is nestled in a little side street amongst a lot of other eateries. If you are unfamiliar with this side of Itaewon It would certainly favour you to have a little walk around up there. I am sure there are lots of food finds to be had.

The first dish we tried was the Soft shell crab with pink peppercorn (9,000). Neither me or my rather handsome dining companion is particularly fond of crab but we were dazzled by this dish. I had only had the hard shell crabs before, but these were amazing so crispy on the outside while the lovely white meat inside was juicy and tender. The salad that accompanied it was fantastic. I will certainly be back again to try this dish, you must try it .


Next up was the Tom Yum Soup with mussels and mung bean noodles (14,000.) The perfect dish for cold winter nights, the broth was tasty and spicy, and the mussels a nice addition. Throw in some noodles and you have a very satisfying dish that could easily serve two.


Salt and pepper ribs with chili sauce (15,000) . Any rib fans need to try these, especially if you like them spicy. The crisp outsides matched well with the spicy dipping sauce, although I wish there had been a few more of them.


Twice cooked pork belly with sweet and sour sauce (17,000) was probably my favourite dish other than the crab. I love sweet and sour sauce and I love belly pork, so it was like this dish was specially designed for me. Again slightly spicy, the glaze on top the soft and tender pork belly was divine. Served with more salad, pepper and cilantro on top. It was a winning combination.


Last we tried the crispy noodles with tofu and mushroom stir fry (12,000.) This dish was such a surprise, the soft silky tofu, was not the texture I really go for but combined with the crispy noodles and sweet sauce it really worked. I would definitely recommend this dish to any vegetarians or vegans looking to try something a bit different.


On the beverage list they had several imported beers on the menu for reasonable prices. I decided to have my old favorite Chang.

Spicy Bite is located at 104 , 682-12, Hanam 2-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.  To get there take a train to Hangangjin station (line 6) and come out of exit 3 and walk straight. Go through the archway that announces Itaewon and then take the alley on the left when you get to the Volkswagen dealership. Spicy Bite is about 50 meters further on the left. For more information call 070-4028-8011.




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  1. I have to say this review interested me as I’ve long been a fan of soft shelled crab. I took the short walk from the Hamilton and I’m glad I did. The Fat Girl is spot on about the crab and the pork belly. I also tried the green curry – fantastic flavor with just the right amount of heat. With all the great eateries clustered around Itaewon, I found myself gravitating to the Spicy Bite again and again. Can’t get enough of the crab with that fantastic salad that accompanies it!

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