If I were able to concentrate better, then I would have brought you this post on Tuesday.  But sadly for you dear readers, I am easily distracted and spend my free time at work watching episodes of Million Dollar Listings instead of writing this blog. But none the less, despite the delay, here we are. So as I say, a couple of Tuesdays ago we ventured into Hollywood for a few drinks to wish our lovely friends Eleanor and Kirstie well on their travels to India. We were in need of  a bar that provided sustenance and beverages of the alcoholic variety when I recalled that Hollywood had half price appetizers on Tuesdays.


I had a good look of the menu and settled upon the Chicken wings, in a barbecue sauce. They were good, the sauce was excellent and hit the spot exactly, even more so since they were a mere 4,000. They will also give you ranch dressing for 500 won!


Now, when I see that food is on offer, I like to buy twice as much. Why couldn’t I behave like a normal person and buy one discount appetizer and save the money, no no no Fatgirl has to eat twice as much, saving nothing at all. So on to my next order. Popcorn chicken, little pieces of chicken breast, breaded in a crazy crispy coating, and came with a side of chips for 5,000. These were really good,  and we ordered quite a few more of these between us.


Another hit was the poutine (4,250). Not remotely authentic, but really really good. Match stick fries, a delicious thick gravy, and cheese. So comforting, even if it was a bit wrong.


We also had a buffulo wings, (4,000) again, great.


The chicken burrito, was also a hit (4,000).


We also tried the deep fried  chili peppers (5,500). Although these were probably our least favourite of all the things we tried.


So next Tuesday I would definitely advise you hit up Hollywood for all the fried goods they are worth. It’s Christmas eve so you don’t even have to go to work the next day. Merry Christmas!

Hollywoood is located at 123-33 Itaewon 1(il)-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul Korea. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (Line 6.) Come out of exit 2 and walk straight for about a minute. Hollywood islocated on the left on the 3rd floor  of the building next to Smoothie king. You can call them on 02-749-1659.



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