Happy new Year everyone! Sorry this is a bit of a late post but jet-lag, work, and an unrelenting toothache have really taken it out of me, and I lost all resolve to blog despite my long absence. So I do apologise if you have been having  been suffering Fatgirl withdrawals, although I have been updating my Facebook page to keep you going.

So on to the first post of 2014. It being January and all I thought I would kick you off with a healthy one. Now before you go running and screaming away from the word healthy, it is no less delicious. So I present to you the beetroot, carrot, ginger, and apple smoothie. This is how I always start my day. I either have this one or a green smoothie, which I shall bring to you later in the week. Now I know you all like to think that I begin my day with half a dozen burgers or a few slices of cake but I don’t (except on Sundays!). For many years I have always believed it important to start my days with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, as it generally only goes downhill from there if I don’t. On weekdays I actually follow raw till 4, where I have either fruit or a salad for my lunch (usually with a bit of plain chicken in it) and snack on more fruit, veg or nuts until I get home from work. Then when I cook up dinner that’s when all the fun begins. I like junk food, in fact I love junk food, but I also enjoy lots of fresh and natural delights too. I just rarely share them, as most of you already know how to make a salad.

I’ve put on 9lbs over the 2 weeks I was visiting home and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. I ate until my heart was content, because you have to enjoy it while you can. No roast potato, wrap, chip, chicken ball, or pastry delight was left uneaten. But now it’s time to pay the price and get back to it, or I shall never fit into all those lovely new clothes I bought myself.

So here’s my breakfast smoothie. I used to drink this as a juice, years ago when I lived in Australia, but here in Korea I don’t have a juicer. I actually think it’s better to have it as a smoothie though, all that fiber and roughage is important. My blender is nothing special and manages to make this smoothie 80% of the time. Sometimes it gives up half way through and I finish it off with the hand blender. The better your blender, the less chopping work you need to do. If the smoothie does come out a bit thick, you can always add a bit of extra ice or water. This recipe makes about 2 ½ smoothies. The fat boyfriend and I each have one for breakfast then I usually finish the leftovers when I get home. If you get up super early, you can always make it the night before and give it a stir before you drink it.


1 apple

½ a beetroot

⅓ of a carrot

2-3 baby oranges

2 inches of ginger (use as much as you like)

1 tablespoon of chia seeds (get them on i-Herb)

200ml of orange juice



Start by putting the softest ingredients in first, so for me its the oranges, apple, beetroot, ginger then finally the carrot. How finely you chop depends on your blender. If you have a vitamix, you probably don’t need to chop at all. 1-2cm pieces work for me, but if your blender is especially crappy you can always grate the beetroot carrot and apple. Then add the chia seeds. If you are unfamiliar with chia seeds, I urge you to get on i-Herb and give them a try. They don’t taste of anything and they are great for cleaning the toxins out of your liver. Once it’s all in add the orange juice and blend. If it’s a bit thick, a handful of ice cubes usually gets things going again. Serve in a recycled coffee cup and head to work feeling smug about how healthy you are. Happy 2014 everyone!

beet 2



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