Last week we ventured to Everest in honour of my lovely friend Sophie’s birthday. Everest is a real stalwart of the curry community and has been an ex-pat favourite for years. I have visited on various occasions but have now only just gotten around to writing a post for it. Although well known, as being the best Indian in Seoul, there are still plenty of you who have never heard of this gem hidden in a small alley in Dongdaemun. The menu has more or less everything you would expect and more, curries of chicken, mutton, and paneer. Appetisers such as samosa, pakoras, rice,  noodles, and sides dishes galore. There were quite a few of us at the table, but here is what I tried.

I’ve never been able to turn down a samosa or 4 so I was especially glad when I remembered they were on the menu here. At a mere 3,000 for two you could easily get half a dozen orders of them. The samosa skin it’self is quite thick, more like pastry than the thin springroll wrappers that are usually used. But it is no less delicious for it. A nice filling awaits inside and two spicy dips on the side. I only wish I had ordered more.


I was feeling in a chicken mood so ordered up a chicken tikka (7,000). Chunks of marinated chicken breast char-grilled in a tandoori oven. The tikka at Everest has such a wonderful flavour, with a squeeze of lemon it’s the perfect balance of flavours.


You know I can never get enough lamb, so I also had a mutton curry (8,000). Which was wonderfully flavourful without being too spicy. But they do have a vindaloo (10,000) which really packs a punch for those who like it hot, hot, hot. On this occasion it’s was almost too much for the Fat Boyfriend to finish all the sauce.


No curry is complete without naan bread and the garlic naan (2,500) here is to die for. The huge pieces of warm delicious chewy thin bread just perfect for digging into a curry. One is more than enough but it wont stop you wanting more.


I also ordered up a batch of raita (5,000). This refreshing yogurt dip is perfect for dipping all those extra samosas and naan breads into. As well as cooling down a spicy curry. It also comes served in a bucket which I think is pretty bad-ass. Not enough foods come in a bucket for my liking.


I also have to mention  the Nepali chicken set which the birthday girl ordered. A chicken curry, rice, daal, potatoes, naan bread and vegetables. This is the perfect thing for those unfamiliar with Indian food to order as you can try a bit of everything for a mere 10,000. You can still afford to order extras if you want them too.


A mango lassi (3,000) was just the ticket to wash down a curry for those still suffering from weekend hangovers (so not me.) They also have draft and bottled beer for those who know how to take a drink.


Everest is located at  148-1 Changsin-dong, Jongro -gu, Seoul, 110-540 (서울 종로구 창신동 148-1). To get there take a train to Dongdaemun station (Line 1&4) Walk straight out of exit 3 and take the first left next to the pharmacy. Walk straight and take the first right, you should see the sign for Everest in front of you. For more information including a copy of their menu you can check out their website or call them on 02-766-8850.




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  1. My best Indian and Nepali restaurant is Jyoti Restaurant .Our office group, family and other indian people loved this place. Jyoti serves exotic Indian variety of curries, naan, barbecues and snacks, Because of its reputation, it’s hard to find a seat during the weekend.

    Jyoti Set (2-person) – 28,000 won (Chi .Butter masala, naan, tandoori, samosa, rice, drinks)
    Curry : ( 7000 to 12,000 won) depend on you choose
    Tandoor full: 18000 won
    Parking facility : Available , credit cards : accepted
    * Subway
    Line 2 Sinchon Station exit #5, first right turn just about 1 min walk, on the 3rd floor
    Highly recommended to visit Jyoti. Its top ranking in TRIP advisors and also I saw in the other news papers.

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