A few weeks ago  I was enjoying a nice Friday night drink with The Fat Boyfriend in Dillinger’s. I was filled to the brim with the post work euphoria you only get on a Friday night. What better feeling is there in the world than knowing you have the entire weekend stretched before you. Despite the cold weather I opted for a sangria (9,000). I guess I was trying to get myself back in that summer groove. Well one sip of the surprisingly tasty sangria and I was there. It was so sweet and yummy, filled with strawberries, it was quite the delight.


Whilst The Fat Boyfriend supped down a pint of John Smiths, we mulled over where to eat dinner. As a food reviewer choosing where to go for dinner is no easy task. We discussed various options at length when I happened to look out the window to see that it was bucketing it down with rain. “Why don’t we just eat here?” We both said in unison. The waiter was summoned and a menu swiftly arrived.


After a quick peruse of their standard pub fare, I opted for a chicken and bacon sandwich (12,900.) Chicken tenders, bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing all housed in a ciabatta bun. It also came with fries (hurrah) and I ordered extra ranch dressing on the side. A good sandwich that was much nicer than I had anticipated.


The Fat Boyfriend went for the Bangers & Mash (11,900.) But when it arrived he soon had half stolen. I’m generally not much of a fan of bangers and mash, but figured I would give it a try as it looked so nice. And oh my it was! The two herby sausages were so juicy and full of flavour. The mash was lovely, the green beans tasty, and the gravy was perfection. The wholegrain mustard on the side was just the thing to seal the deal. I can’t believe I almost missed out on trying this fabulous sausage and mash potato goodness. Next time you stop by for a drink or three, be sure to order yourself up a plate.


Dillinger’s is located at 72-32, Itaewon 1 -dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 4. Walk straight for about 150 meters, Dillinger’s is on the left just opposite ABC Mart on the 2nd floor. For more info you can check out their facebook page or call them on 02-793-7232.



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