When I found out that this new British restaurant had opened, I was chuffed to bits to say the least. When I found out they had Pimm’s I was ecstatic. Being from the motherland myself, I love all things British. So a taste of home was just what the doctor ordered and I wasted no time at all in paying them a visit.

Located on furniture street, Bulldogs is cool, hip, and minimalist in it’s decor with a salute to British icons pasts and present. We took a seat and scanned the menu.  Salt and vinegar popcorn was given to us to snack on while we waited for our drinks. What a fab idea I thought, there is not enough salt and vinegar for my liking in the land of the morning calm. Although owner Tom tells us he is still tinkering with the recipe. Koreans aren’t used to the flavour of vinegar so he doesn’t want to make it too over powering. Personally I like mine so strong I cant feel my tongue after eating a family sized bag of crisps.


Our drinks arrived and how lovely they looked. A homemade Pimm’s for me (12,500). I think we all know by now what a fan of Pimm’s I am. It thoroughly upsets me to not have a bottle nestled under my sink, ready to make my favourite summer cocktail. So a bar selling it is fantastic. The recipe produces a very good result, if there were a few strawberries in there, he would have pretty much cracked it. I know what I will be drinking this summer. I also adore the giant jar it comes in, making it well worth the price tag, it’s like 2 drinks in one.


My assistant Victoria chose the peachy Punch (12,500). Bulldogs have devised a whole collection of cocktails featuring Britain’s favourite drink, tea! Served up in a giant teapot, it’s quite a sight. Teapots are the new jars don’t you know? This one has a fruity twist but you can still taste the tea. We also tried the aptly named G & Tea! A cool twist on the classic.


On to the fare. Hot dogs dominate the menu thus far, but restaurateur Tom assures that it will be growing bigger over time. The hot dogs all range in price but are 8,000-9,500 for 2 and 11.5-13,000 for 3. With 7 different kinds on the menu, they are anything but the usual. In Fat Girl tradition I decided to give four a go. First the “Slumdog Millionaire”  an Indian take on a hot dog. Topped with curry sauce, yoghurt, onions, and cucumber. We definitely liked this one. Assistant Victoria forced the Kimchi one upon me. Despite the fact we are a kimchi free zone it would have been churlish not to give it a try. Despite my lack of interest in kimchi it was not bad, I would have eaten it if I didn’t have more food coming.


The Mash & Gravy was spectacular. Sausage, mash, and gravy are a match made in heaven so I don’t know why no one has ever thought of putting them in a hot dog. What could be finer, those deep fried onions on top were orgasmic in themselves. This one was my favourite by far. I also enjoyed the brunch hot dog. More traditional toppings such as an egg, bacon, hash browns, and ketchup. This one was breakfast in a bite. Perfect after too many drinks at the weekend.


We also tried out the Bulldog Fries (12,000.) There is not much in life that I enjoy more than fries topped with steak, bacon bites, and garlic mayo. Throw in some coleslaw and you have a party in your mouth where everyone is invited. There is also kimchi, though  I can always ignore that and  I think next time I shall just ask for extra coleslaw instead. Cabbage has never looked sexier than when its dressed in mayonnaise.


I didn’t really have much more room after all the goods I had sampled so far, but I managed to make some for scotch eggs (10,000). Still a recent convert to scotch eggs, freshly out of the fryer is how I like them. Cold on the supermarket shelves can stay in England. I like them fresh and hot. With their oozy yolks these were perfect. A little more seasoning in the sausage mix wouldn’t go amiss but the coating was crunchy. A nice mushroom and bacon salad was paired and went well with the eggs.



The dessert menu is still under construction but we were lucky enough to try the sticky toffee pudding. Mmmmmmm.


Bulldogs is a cool bar with cool food and even cooler music. All British tunes make it my new choice of hangout. Festooned with Britain’s  greats on the walls and even Harry and Hermione guarding the loos, it’s a motherland haven. So Keep Calm and go to Bulldogs.

Bulldogs is located at 2F 116 Bogwang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station and walk out of exit 3. Go back on yourself and take a left at the intersection. Go stright past Taco bell, its a few doors down on the left on the second floor. Call 02-6248-2998 or check out their facebook page for more information.  Bulldogs is opened Sun-Thur 11.30am-11.00pm Fri-Sat 11.30am – 12am Closed Mondays




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  1. hey was just wondering if this place is big enough for about 10 people roughly. and how busy does it get on a Sunday afternoon around 6ish, if you know? lol thanks again always enjoy reading ur blog and trying out new places to go 🙂

  2. hey was just wondering if this place is big enough for about 10 people roughly. and how busy does it get on a Sunday afternoon around 6ish, if you know? lol thanks again always enjoy reading ur blog and trying out new places to go

    • Hi kayc, there will be plenty of room for the 10 of you, but with such a big group I’d advise you to reserve a table to avoid disappointment.


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