The Pizza Pub is the latest bar to hit Itaewon. Cool and sleek it’s a cut above the usual dive bars that serve self service beers. As well as a huge variety of  cheap bottled beers and ciders they also have great food too, which is why it is my current favourite hangout.


With a name like The Pizza Pub, it would only serve that they are selling lovely home-made pizzas, otherwise they would really have to think about changing the name. The menu is a good mix of classics and more inventive gourmet choices. I was lucky enough to sample quite a few of them. My first choice had to be the BBQ Chicken  (13,500 S/17,000 L). My favourite pizza flavour by far, I can never resist this one on a menu. A good barbecue base with plenty of chicken and a great crust, there were no complaints here.


Next up was White Arugula Pizza (13,500 S/17,000 L). With mozzarella, roast potatoes, bacon, and arugula all on top of a white sauce. Personally I love a white pizza, I’m not dissing the red sauce, I like that too, but I’m always pleased when I see a white one on the menu. This white sauce was especially tasty and everyone loves arugula right? It makes you feel like you are being healthy even though you’re having pizza.


We also had to try the The Meat Empire (15,000 S/19,000 L). What could be better than an empire of meat? With pepperoni, smoked ham, chicken, pulled pork, and bacon. I don’t think any meat lover would be disappointed. I know that The Fat Boyfriend will be desperate to try this one.


As well as all those delicious pizzas there are Chicken Wings, with bones or without (9,000). These are served  with your choice of an array of dipping sauces. I was lucky to be given a taste of all of them. Spicy Mango was one of my favourites along with the Creamy Buffalo, but no one can beat a pot of Ranch.


The host also put a basket of the Fried Kimchi and Pickles (8,000) in front of me. I think  we all are aware of my feelings about kimchi. But I am a polite and charming girl and figured it would be rude not to try it. I picked up a piece and dipped it into the accompanying samjang mayo. I put it into my mouth and chewed and didn’t hate it. I ate a another piece, it was all right. I tried a pickle, it was good. Not bad I thought to myself, but as we waited for our next pizza I ate piece after piece until the basket was empty. Then that night when I was back at home I found myself thinking about it more and more. The next day at work I couldn’t get it off my mind. When my friends suggested a drink I immediately hailed The Pizza Pub as the destination and strode there as fast as I could, ordering myself a basket straight away. It was just as good as I remembered. Is it possible that after 5 long years I could have been converted? No, it’s the deep fried goodness that did it, I’d eat a smelly old sock if you breaded it, deep fried it, and gave me a good dipping sauce. But either way this dish is spectacular and I have no doubt will be the star dish on the menu.


We also had to have a try of the Garlic Sticks (9,000). Garlic bread is the one thing that is missing from virtually every pizza establishment throughout the peninsula. Why I have no idea, since Koreans, love bread, garlic, and cheese, surely it should be right up their street. But for some sad reason it’s never truly made it’s way on to the menus. These garlic sticks have a pizza base and are topped with lashings of garlic butter and cheese served with more melted garlic butter just in case you wanted more.


For those of you more interested in the drinks than the food, they have a tonne of imported largers, beers, and ciders. Big brands and and craft beers can all be found in the fridges. Just help yourself and pay at the till.


The Pizza Pub is located at 2F 131-3 Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-858. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 3. Turn back on yourself and take a left at the crossroads. Walk straight past Taco Bell and look for the building 2 doors down. The Pizza Pub is on the second floor. For more information you can call them on 010-5295-4551 or check out their facebook page.




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  1. I went to Pizza Pub last weekend only to try the fried Kimichi… They took me they were taking it off the menu! I am disappointed I never got to try it!

    The BBQ chicken pizza IS amazing!

  2. Totally love this place and you’re taste is spot on. this place will be around for many years to come you know how to pick!

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