Last week I learned it’s not always wise to judge a first impression. I was invited to go back and try Mi Casa again after the owner read my last review. Since my visit over a year ago, the chef has changed and the menu revamped. With Spanish chef Manuel at the helm, the manager assured me that things have improved greatly since my last visit and I would not leave disappointed.


The menu is chocked full of all the classic Spanish dishes. As well as all the tapas you could ask for they also have a burgeoning selection of wine and cocktails. I had to, of course, start with a sangria (13,000).


After the complementary bread and aioli. The first dish we tried was the Gambas al ajillo (19,000) King prawns fried in olive oil and garlic. They arrived on a plate that was sizzling! The king prawns were plump and juicy and the garlic was well cooked without being overpowering. A nice start to the meal.


Next up was the Patatas Bravas (15,000). This was the dish that I had the most problems with last time. Patatas Bravas is simple and classic dish and any Spanish restaurant worth it’s salt should get this right. However the first time I was presented with potato chips and a dipping sauce. However all my fears were washed away when this fabulous plate was put in front of us. It was exceptional. In fact this was the best patatas bravas I have ever eaten. Every element was perfect. The potatoes were crisp on the outside and soft and full of flavour in the middle. The tomato and white sauces were delicious. We devoured this plate in about a minute. It was so good I would have licked the plate clean. And if we didn’t have a paella coming I would have ordered another.


We also had to have a try of the Calamari Frito (18,000). Deep fried baby squid with saffron. The calamari rings and tentacles were lightly seasoned and crisp. There were also a few pieces which were battered that we really enjoyed. The citrus oil that accompanied them was nice, but we would have preferred some more of their amazing aioli.


Berenjenas Relleras (18,000) Eggplants filled with meat, tomatoes and cheese.  I love egg plant so this dish just popped right off the menu. The the meat balls inside were good, the egg plant was juicy and the sauce delicious.


If you are anything like me, you can’t go to a Spanish restaurant without trying the paella. At Mi Casa they have a variety of different types but we ordered the Arroz Del Monte (39,000) Saffron chicken, chorizo and pork paella. This was a meat feast of a dish filled to the brim with thick slices of choirizo, plump pieces of pork, and chunks of juicy chicken thighs


As you can see we really enjoyed it.


Things have definitely changed for the better since my last visit and I left a very happy customer. The prices may seem expensive to some  but the quality of the dishes demands it. Mi Casa is the perfect mid-range priced restaurant thats perfect for a date or a special evening with friends. The atmosphere is elegant and classy and they have a fab lounge upstairs for you to drink the night away in.


Mi Casa is located in the alleyway behind the Hamilton Hotel right opposite, My Thai China (see my review here) 119-21 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea. Call them on 02-790-0063 or check out their facebook page.



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      • There’s no official standard per se, but in the hotel trade, we tend to equate king prawn with jumbo or extra jumbo shrimp (<15 per pound). The bad boy above looks like a medium shrimp at best (a bit smaller than what we'd use for shrimp cocktails), leaving it about three to four size classes below tiger prawn

  1. I went to different Spanish restaurants during my stay in Seoul and Mi Casa was the only one that didn’t disappoint me at all. Instead I was very surprised by the original Spanish cuisine taste, it’s drinks, wine, refined service and specially their very reasonable prices.
    Highly recommended for those business dinners in Seoul.
    Thank you Mi casa!

  2. We decided to try Mi Casa after reading this and are so glad we did. The atmosphere was great and the food was stupendous! The chef even sent out an off- menu complimtary dessert. Truly a wonderful evening.

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