On Sunday night I had some of the best Indian food I have eaten in Seoul.While enjoying a lovely cold evening in watching episodes of Elementary, we were deciding what on earth to have for dinner. Now usually Sunday is pizza Sunday in our house. However I  got rather drunk on Friday night and pizza Sunday was moved to Saturday. It was crazy cold so neither of us wanted to go out for dinner and I had forgotten to take the lamb out of the freezer to make the stew I was planning on. “I kinda fancy Indian,” I told The Fat Boyfriend wondering if I could persuade him to go up to Itaewon. “Hmm, I could do that I suppose,” he agreed. I sat googling Indian restaurants in Itaewon looking for menus so we could place a collection order. When lo and behold I came across Chakraa who actually deliver!!! Hurrah, hurrah indeed. Now despite living in the foreign food capital of Seoul, we still have very few delivery options. Except for Korean food, chicken, or pizza. HBC also doesn’t really have a great lot of take away options either these days since Indigo shut down. There are of course the wonderful sandwiches from Casablanca, burgers from about 20 different restaurants, or fish and chips, but that’s it. We can of course cross the bridge and go to Kyungnidan but crossing a bridge really requires a lot of effort. So to find another delivery option available to us is pretty much heaven on a plate. Please let me know if you know of any others.

Chakraa has a huge menu filled with curries of every imaginable kind. We ordered a butter chicken and a lamb rogan josh. The butter chicken (15,000) was exceptionally tasty, one of the nicest I have ever had, full of flavour while still being mild. It had good hints of coconut too. The lamb rogan josh (15,000) again was good, the sauce tasty and plenty of lamb. It was of a medium heat. Both curries were of a good size making them worth the money.

We also ordered chiken tikka (9,000). Boneless pieces of tandoori baked chicken, full of flavour and a good sized portion. I was thrilled to bits with these. I love my appetizers so we ordered the Samosas 4 pieces (5,000) These samosas were good, dare I say it even nicer than the ones at Everest. Lovely thick pastry outsides, filled with yummy curry potatoes in the middle, a must try.

We also ordered some Onion bhajis (9,000) for about 7. I love, love, love these at home but have yet to see them on a menu in Korea. They didn’t really look like the ones we get at home, but they were still deep fried onion bhaji goodness and I’m sure I would order them again.

Garlic naan (2,500) is an absolute must when I order a curry. I could live without rice but not garlic bread goodness. there are also a few other varieties of bread you can try. I will definitely be placing another order soon.

Chakraa restaurant is located at Seoul Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 28-9 if you would like to visit them in person. If you are lazy like me and live in Hanam dong, Itaewon, Haebangchon, Songtan, Nonhyun dong, U.N Village, or Oksu dong then order up a delivery! Delivery times are 12pm-3pm and  5pm-9.30pm,  minimum order 20,000. For more info including the menu, please check out their website or call Call 02-796-2255.

Calling all Suwonites!!! There is also a branch in Suwon  at 2F, 436-45, Maetan-dong, Yeongtong-gu, suwon-si, gyeonggi-do. This branch also delivers to Maetandong and Yountong areas.




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  1. We’ve ordered delivery from them several times. They have even catered a party for us! Great food, and we’re heading there tonight to try out the actual restaurant.

      • They refused to pay for an advertisement
        and went back on their word. They did pay eventually after about a year and calling them in the end everyday for about 2 or 3 months. They were also extremely rude in the process.
        Their staff also told me they were waiting over two months for their wages.

        And by the way , I didn’t mean to post twice.

        Thank you.

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