Did you know that you can make icing sugar/ sugar powder at home? Yes , it’s true and it’s also amazingly easy!!! Last week I was in desperate need of some icing sugar to make my Valentine’s Day cookies, but the shops were closed. However a quick google later and the secret was revealed. Basically you just blend regular white sugar for two minutes and it becomes icing sugar. The texture isn’t quite as fine as icing sugar  but it’s about 85% perfect and we aren’t professional bakers anyhow so what does it matter? So try this nifty trick next time you have a baking emergency!


300g of Sugar

1 teaspoon of corn flour (corn starch)



1. Put your sugar and corn flour in your blender. Blend for a minute or two. You will see it change into that lovely snow white powder.

2. Use as needed. Voilà so easy and simple but a real life saver!




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