Last night I was walking home from a lovely dinner with my fabulous assistant Victoria. We passed by Street Churros in Kyungnidan and I just couldn’t resist trying one. For only 2,000 each it would have been churlish not to, despite the fact that I had just eaten dinner and dessert. But you don’t get to be one of Seoul’s most awesome food bloggers without eating 2 desserts in a row.

As stated previously I ordered the Churro (2,000) and the Chocola dipping sauce (1,000). I was lucky that a fresh batch was just out of the fryer. The churro (kind of like a long thin Mexican donut for those not in the know), was good. It was rolled in cinnamon and sugar. I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, but it wasn’t over powering at all, it was nice and sugary. The dipping sauce that came with it was also tasty. Dark and rich, the perfect place to put your churro.


If I hadn’t already been rather full then I totally would have ordered the ice-cream with Baileys. They also do mulled wine, which I certainly plan to get on my next walk up to Itaewon. You know Fat Girl loves a cocktail on the go. The place is a tiny hole in the wall so no seating as such, but they do have jaunty barrels which you can lean upon outside. It’s a great spot for a quick and cheap dessert or drink. The inside is sparkly too which I always find appealing.


Street Churros is located at 222 Noksapyeong daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station and then take the lift (elevator) next to the 7-11 to get out. Walk over the over pass bridge and take a left. Walk straight down the road past Taco Chili Chili and Southern Sons and take a right at the CU. Street Churros is just on your right. You can call them on 02-792-1489 for more info.



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