So, a few months ago I discovered France Gourmet. They are an amazing online French deli that delivers all over Korea. They have a fab range of ingredients that I had no idea were even attainable here, like Chipolata sausages and rillettes! I decided to order up a package of meaty treats for my beloved for Valentines Day, because nothing quite says I love you like a box of meat. We all know how a package of familiar and tasty ingredients can be just the thing to make your day a little bit more bearable.  Which is probably why I end up ordering so much from iHerb!

The first thing I knew I had to get was the Paris Ham (8,000 for 200g). The Fat Boyfriend is a big ham lover, but doesn’t really get to eat it much here in Korea. A great deli can be hard to find but they do exist, Deli Heinzenberg in Sinsa and Suji’s deli in Itaewon come to mind. But unless you live close to those areas the opportunity to get real ham is somewhat slim. I used this fab ham to make The Fat Boyfriend the best cheese and ham sandwich he has ever had.
He devoured the whole pack in less than a day and has already requested that we order some more soon.

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As well as the ham I ordered a pack of the chipolata sausages (16,000 for 500g). A huge hefty pack, these sausages were so tasty. I used them to make a French  cassoulet which was so tasty and comforting. I promise to share the recipe soon.


I also got a pack of the merguez (18,000 for 500g). I do enjoy a nice meaty sausage, and theses ones were spectacular. These Moroccan style beef sausages are full of flavour. A spicy taste without being hot. I made this divine dish of sausages, caramelized onions, aubergine, and red peppers served with couscous. They can also be used to make an amazing french bread sandwich.


Spreadable meat fans should definitely try the Rillettes (8,000 for 200g) or Cognac Pate (8,000 for 200g). I love the rillettes, it’s a more meaty texture than the pate, but The Fat Boyfriend favoured the pate. We had some friends over, opened a bottle of wine and got ourselves a few baguettes and dinner was served. It was perfect, and no hassle, before long both jars were empty and the bread was gone.


As well as the aforementioned goodies, they also have Salami and chorizo available for 15,000 per 200g unit. As well as cheese, and a variety of roast beefs. I’ve got some of the chorizo and plan on using it to make a  killer paella!

If you too would like to tantalize your taste-buds with some France Gourmet goodies then check out their website for the price list, full menu and to place your order. Deliveries are done twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays and its free if you order over 100,000 worth of products. Happy Shopping!



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  1. Hey off the wall question…but do you happen to know the name of the ice-cream shop that’s on itaewon-roe and it’s almost near high street deli but on the opposite side (right hand) if walking up to high street? Is it’s softree? Just curious….thought I’d ask an expert!

  2. I am French and moving with my American husband to Seoul in August. So happy to have found your site. With a title that says kimchi free, you are sure to have me as a reader

    • I hope you are looking forward to it. there are lots of lovely Korean foods to try, but it’s still always nice to be able to eat the foods we are most familiar with. Send me a message if you are in any doubt of what to stock up on before you leave 🙂

      • We are now living in Hawaii and I am going to France this summer so I will be bringing few stuff from home. My husband is in the military which means I have access to the “commissary” ( American supermarket) on base and have an APO address so I can order online from any American site and pay normal domestic shipping. I lived in Japan before and did not miss anything thanks to that. I know, cool right? I am so looking forward to moving to Korea. I will of course try Korean food. That’s said, I’ve been deprived of good international food for 3 years in Hawaii so yes, anything will do! Thanks for your insights, I pinned many of your posts already.

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