I spotted this little place a few weeks ago when walking around Itaewon, I made a note of it and vowed to give it a try next time I wasn’t so full. Then a few days ago we passed it again and I figured it was about time. I love kebabs and love grilled food so I figured there really wasn’t anything not to like. They are very similar to kebabs except the meat is cooked on skewers and not sliced from a giant piece like the Turkish ones. They are also wrapped in thick pita breads rather than the thinner tortilla breads the kebab shops have.


I ordered the chicken souvlaki pita (5,000). Chunks of char-grilled chicken, fresh salad and topped with  a tzatziki sauce. All wrapped up in a chewy pita bread it was rather good indeed.


And of course The fat boyfriend wanted to try the lamb souvlaki pita (5,500). He really does love his lamb!


As well as the souvlaki pitas, they have just plain meat on a stick and a few different Greek salads. There is room for seating or you can get it to go. A cool little place to grab food on the go and a nice change from kebabs and sandwiches.

Greek on the Grill is located at 64-67 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station, come out exit 4 and walk straight until you get to Dillinger’s. Take the stairs down to the left of Dillinger’s and then turn right and it’s on your left after about 50 metres. You can call  them 02-797-7043 for more details.



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  1. I went today cause as a Greek was curious. ..the hygienic there is much better than el grecos of course and much more polite and social the owner…but the taste was not close to souvlaki at all. It is just a small wrap with veggies and meat. the wrap is from India so this is epic mistake…no relationship with greek pitta bread…I found it pretty t tasteless too.
    I think I am going to open one soon to show what greek souvlaki means I think. Lol ^^:)

    • It’s been many years wince I went to Greece, so I have probably forgotten the authentic taste. I still enjoy them as a cheap wrap sandwich though. Please let me know if you do open your own place. I would love to come and try them 🙂

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