Where to begin on this dining experience. Hmm I guess lets start with the name. Is Richard Copycats not the stupidest name ever!!! What are you copying Richard??? All American Diner was just fine, really summed up you and what you do.

As some of you may be aware RCC’s has recently moved. Instead of being by Mcdonald’s it’s moved premises to the other end of of Itaewon. The new premises are a former night club. They clearly like the vibe and have decided to keep the decor. When I first arrived I thought it was quite cool. Who doesn’t like white leather sofas and faux palm trees?


However as we waited for our menus we started to look around a bit and found that all the glass was smeared and dirty and various fixtures had broken, come apart or been set on fire. Yes there was evidence, no I didn’t take a picture a la Trip Advisor. Maybe when this was a night club the dark cover of night hid these things well, but it’s daytime, you’re serving brunch and the tables are in need of a good clean. Perhaps Richard should invest in some Windex and ask his waitress to stop playing Candy Crush, and clean the tables. As you can see from the photo the place was empty so I’m sure she had ample time.

On to the food. We perused the menu filled to the brim with all American classics. We placed our food orders and tried to order a Bloody Mary, but our waitress told us they don’t serve alcohol until 6! WTF! It’s brunch, we are in a nightclub sitting on white leather sofas, listening to hiphop blaring out the stereo and you want me to do this sober, really? I was very upset, you know Fat Girl likes a cocktail with breakfast, especially when she is hungover. If it was a diner like space I could live without the Bloody Mary but it’s a club, and they could seriously cash in on the day drinking crowd, as it’s a huge, light space which would be ideal for drinking on a summer’s day. Also drunk people would care less about the smudged glass.

On to the food. My dining companion (Mat from food blog Restaurants of Korea) ordered a strawberry smoothie when informed there was to be no booze. He didn’t like it and thought it was very artificial, personally I enjoyed it though. But it’s more of a milkshake than a smoothie. I just had a coke, 4,000 but its refillable.


I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger (15,800), nothing off the breakfast menu was jumping out at me, so I figured you can’t go wrong with a cheeseburger. A couple of years ago it was also often featured in the Top 5 burgers lists so I wanted to give it a try for that reason alone. Presented nicely enough and a toasted bun I ate, I chewed, I swallowed. It was fine, but really nothing special. Kind of like a frozen one you would buy at home. At best a 6/10. The fries were again fine but just the frozen ones from Costco. I don’t think it justified its 16,000 price tag. I can get a real gourmet burger from Left coast, Burger B , or Brooklyn Burger  for less than that, and all 3 restaurants have a hell of a lot more ambiance.


My dining companion went for the Farmers Breakfast (14,100). Gravy and biscuits, bacon, sausages, scrambled egg, and country fried potatoes. This one again was fine, the potatoes were good and so were the herby sausages. The eggs needed more seasoning and neither of us enjoyed the biscuits. They just tasted like margarine, but so do the ones at KFC so maybe I have unrealistic expectations of what biscuits should taste like. The gravy wasn’t like anything I had tried before. If you are more familiar with american style gravy it could be a little bit more up your alley.


All in all I didn’t leave Richard Copycats with the same enthusiasm that I came in with. Although on using the 50% discount coupon that’s available until March 31st I only paid 10,000 for my dinner, which is about what it was worth. Had it cost the 20,000 it was supposed to I would have been pissed off. The food is over priced for what is, just mediocre diner food. Maybe if you are craving that kind of taste of home then you will be happy but I just felt let down. Years ago when they opened and dining choices were limited this was probably a great place, but Itaewon has boomed since then and we have restaurants galore and your 20,000 can buy you a damn good breakfast. With the mixed messages of the alcohol free club like atmosphere I can’t see too many customers queueing up for this place. Though if you are set to have a taste of home, go before March 31st while it’s still half price and just show this picture.


Richard Copycats is located at 736-9 Hanam-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (line 6). Walk straight out of exit 3 and keep going straight. Cross the street and keep on going. Richard copycats is just past Rocky Mountain Tavern on the 3rd floor. You can call them on 02-790-0411 or checkout their website for more details.



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  1. Thanks for this Gemma. Really dodged a bullet. Was gonna hit it up with the 50% coupon. Saved me a wasted trip. Thanks for the community service!

  2. 14,000 won for that breakfast is sad. The biscuits don’t look right either, they’re not cut, they look like they lazily put them in a muffin pan to bake them. I think that would affect the texture when baking. And Southern American style gravy (which is what “biscuits and gravy” is) is actually quite difficult to make delicious. I’ve had it several times in the US at restaurants that just didn’t make it right. Probably a safe bet to just cut that from the menu. Thanks for the review, it was informative!!

  3. We went to the old location twice but couldn’t get any service both times (so we left). And they weren’t that busy either…

  4. Thanks Gemma, going to avoid this place until further notice.
    That looks like an absolute debacle of a breakfast. The bacon looks like a dog treat. The old owners in Itaewon need a reality check. The days of being the only kids on the block are over. That burger looked like a cow patty in the fields of Canada. I would head to Left Coast any day before paying 15,000KRW for that burnt hockey puck.

  5. They’ve always been bad. But this new location, ask their neighbors downstairs about when they flooded their fellow businesses with water and didn’t offer to pay for damage or even apologize. I hear the landlord is hoping they’ll go out of business or that a better concept will move in. They’ve been headache tenants already.

  6. My boyfriend and I have gone three or four times. Two times we requested to sit at the nice patio tables but were told we could not because they were reserved. Both times we were the only 2 people there and nobody arrived afterwards to sit in the area we requested to sit. The last time we went the wait staff was very concerned about playing phone games so my glass of water took 25 minutes to arrive and my chocolate shake took 45. Again, the waitress played games instead of making my drink. That was the last straw. We had ordered our food but didn;t care, we got up and left. We love their food, but no food is worth waiting 25 minutes for a glass of water. Also… WHY IS THE MUSIC BLARING HIP HOP AT 9AM?

    • Linds your whole review just really gets my goat and I have no idea how this establishment is even open. I am so over restaurants saying nice tables are reserved when they aren’t for several hours. and the waitresses attitude just stinks. I’m glad you left, i couldn’t stomach the music either.

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