Cheung Kee is a restaurant that The Fat Boyfriend and myself had been longing to try for quite sometime. But whenever we were in Itaewon we just weren’t in the mood for noodles. However the time finally came to try it out. Now I’m only mad that I didn’t go sooner.


As we walked in we saw the chefs were making noodles themselves at one of the tables, which I always consider to be a good sign. The hand made noodles are cooked in various different ways and can come in a soup broth or fried. We decided to go for variety and have a few different ones. They also have wontons!


I ordered the Wonton and Pork Dumplings with noodles in Soup (9,500). When it first arrived the broth smelt a bit fishy, but when I ate it, it didn’t taste that way at all. The noodles were really great and had a very authentic taste. The wontons and dumplings were plentiful. They were nice and very Chinese in their taste, but for me no dumpling will ever live up to a Shanghai soup dumpling! The wontons and soup here are very close to what you would get from a restaurant at home. It was good to have it again.


My friend Alex ordered the Braised Beef with  noodles in Soup (9,500). The broth in the beef soup was divine. So flavourful with plenty of chunks of the tender braised beef. I really enjoyed this one and I would probably order it again over mine, but I would have had some dumplings in it too.


The Fat boyfriend went for the Pork with hot & sweet sauce, dumplings with noodles (9,500). I especially enjoyed these noodles as they were fried. I am always torn between the soup and the fried noodles. So I think it’s always best to have both. If pushed I would say these were my favourite. The sauce was delicious, as were the noodles and strips of porks. the dumplings were the same as the ones I had.


We also couldn’t resist the fried wontons (5,500). Crispy pieces of fried goodness. The shrimps inside were small and could have held a little bit more filling. But the skins were perfectly crisp. I would certainly still order them again.


Cheung Kee is located at 128-4 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul to get there take a train to Itaewon station(line 6) and come out of exit 4. Turn back on yourself and take a right around the corner. Cheung Kee is just on your right underneath Gekko’s Terrace. You can call them on 02-322-3913 for more information.



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