If there’s anything that gets my morning started right, it’s a nice cup of coffee. Without coffee in my body I really fail to function well. Coffee is such a personal choice, but for me it has to be an ice vanilla latte. If I’m counting calories I’ll go with a hot americano, and if I’m not a mocha frappuccino with whipped cream and a shot of Kahlua!

Now Seoul has no shortage of coffee shops unless you happen to work in Sangil-dong like I do and there are none, literally none! Okay there is a Paris Baguette but they don’t make an ice vanilla latte and their ice latte is tiny, so tiny it’s about two sips worth. On a Friday I’m a venti girl! And by the time I add my own vanilla syrup at work it never dissolves properly. I have serious coffee problems at work. So much so I’m considering bring my espresso machine from home and buying a mini fridge to keep milk in. That or I may invest in a bottle of Dutch coffee. I really love that stuff.

Anyway, enough of my problems and on to the Coffee Expo! It’s not just for coffee shops or business owners, it’s for the coffee loving public like yourself. Tonnes of stalls selling all things coffee related. See what’s new, buy some hand roasted beans, a coffee machine, some  flavoured syrup, a cool mug, the list is endless. You will also get to see all the professionals at work and see some amazing pictures in foam. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love those?

CT coffee-shop04

For those not on a liquid diet there is also food!!! Gelato, cakes, macaroons, tea and more…


The Coffee Expo will be held at COEX from April 10th-13th. Coffee, cakes, foam pictures, what more could you want?  Tickets can be bought on the door for 10,000 won. Or you can get a 30% discount by picking up a coupon from High Street Market or The Seoul Global center.



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