Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and we paid a visit to Sinsa to have a gander at The Great British Festival that was happening. After a stroll, a coffee and a spot of shopping we fancied a bit of lunch and stopped at this place. A sandwich and a table in the sun was far too much for Fat Girl to resist.


After having a look at what everyone else was eating I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist one of their lovely looking sandwiches. They also had a number of salads for the carb conscious. The Fat Boyfriend opted for the Tender beef (9,800). Pan seared beef marinated in a special steak sauce with mozzarella. This was a really nice steak sandwich. The beef was very tender and not at all chewy like you find in far too many steak sandwiches. The sauce on the beef was also really tasty. The bread they used was fantastic, I’m not 100% sure but I believe they make it in house as they have various bread items for sale. The sandwich also came with a small side salad. A pretty damn good lunch for under 10,000.



I was torn between the Grilled Chicken and the Vegetarian. In the end I opted for the Grilled Chicken (9,300) as I was won over by the chicken marinated in olive oil and rosemary. The bread was once again fantastic, the salad fresh and just the right amount of dressing. However the sandwich just lacked in flavour. I was suffering from a cold so my taste buds were not at their finest, but even so, it just needed something to kick it up a little. Perhaps a bit more seasoning or a more flavourful dressing or sauce. Ratio wise it was great, so perhaps next time I will try the Chicken Taco Sandwich or Vegetarian.


Although it’s not the best sandwich I’ve ever had, it’s still a very cute spot to grab a fresh and tasty lunch and I would definitely come again. It’s no Deli Heinzburg which is just up the street but it’s also much cheaper and had outdoor seating if the Deli queues are too long.

Buccella is located at Sinsa-dong 534-22. To get there take a train to Sinsa station (line 3). Come out of exit 8 and walk straight until you get to Tous Le Jours and make a left. Keep walking straight along that road. It is tucked away on one of the little side alleys on the left about halfway down Garosugil.




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