Urghhhhhhhhh I can’t move. I am filled to brim with free coffee, juice, smoothies, beer, ades, and free food samples. I am now seriously paying the price for overindulging in all those goodies. You would think with all that sugar I would be bouncing around like a beach ball… But no, although I do look like one.

The expo is on for the next four days so there is still time for you to go and enjoy all the freebies. When you first arrive you will need to fill out a form, unless you have pre-registered. I would advise you go as early as possible as when we left the expo there was a huge queue. They do have a special queue just for foreigners though which was far shorter than the K0rean one, so be sure to hit that one.

Once you have your pass it’s time to go enjoy the show. At this point we were all desperate for a coffee, there were dozens of places to choose from but I went to the Metier stand and they made me this amazing ice vanilla latte completely for free! There were a lot of big brand coffee stalls in the franchise part where you can buy a coffee, but there are tonnes of smaller places just waiting to give you the free coffee of your choice.



As we walked around the stalls we were given cup after cup of coffee and other juice like beverages. There were smoothies, ades, juices, dutch coffee, drip coffee, and frappes. I took them all. It’s hard to turn down a freebie right?  Most of the stalls also had their products on sale for very reasonable prices too.



Whilst perusing we even came across a Jordan’s cereal stand. I love my muesli and if I didn’t make my own I would have been raiding the shelves to get this good old taste of home.



Be sure to head to the 1kg Coffee stand, where packs of coffee beans are only 1,000 each. Although they limit each person to 2. I got the Mexican Fair trade and Kenya AA.


As we neared the end of the exhibitors we decided to take a walk and look on the other side where all the franchises were. And it was samples galore!!! Anywhere there was a queue of five or more people we knew there was free food to be had. The fist place we hit up was Frypan. I love their chicken, so getting some for free was amazing.



At first I was grabbing anything in site, but with less and less room in my belly I started to become more discerning. There were dozens of ddeok-bokki stands, more chicken than you could count, pork cutlets, pizza, ice cream, gelatto, and sliced roast pork. There were even 3 places giving away free beer. And a lot of people were partaking despite the fact it was a Thursday morning (Fat Girl included).



Food glorious food, it was very cool. There was all manner of coffee machinery and paraphernalia for making every kind of coffee imaginable so if you are on the look out for a new grinder or a whipping siphon you will find it here. But I know you dear readers are mostly in it for the free food and drink like me. They actually gave me these goodies as part of my press pack.


So if you are at a loose end this weekend be sure to hit up the show and get your gorge on. Held at COEX from April 10th-13th, tickets cost 10,000 per person, but you can easily make that back in samples. For more details check out the website.





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