Ok Fat Girl fans, I am about to rock your world right now so hold on to your hats. A mere two weeks ago the greatest company ever was launched in Korea. The name of that company is Y-Not takeout. These amazingly smart people have done what no one ever thought possible, delivery western food in Korea. The service is just starting out in Seoul but they plan to make it nationwide overtime. They are currently operating in the following central Seoul areas; Itaewon, Haebangchon, Kyungnidan, Hanam-dong, Yongsan Army Base and Banpo-dong.


A few months ago I was thrilled at the prospect of getting Indian food delivered to me through Chakra. But now I can get Mexican, Russian, Thai, American, African and even KFC! A bucket of the Colonel’s chicken delivered right to my bed. I’m salivating at the thought. No longer will I have to pester the Fat Boyfriend into going to Itaewon for food on hangover Sunday. I can get it delivered right to the door and the best thing is it’s all in English. No more Konglish and call backs to Pizza hut for me.

We tested the service out a few nights ago and decided to opt for some Mexican from Taco Amigo. This was actually the very first restaurant that I ate at in Itaewon nearly 6 years ago. So it’s about time that I got round to eating there again. I had forgotten how good it is. The Mexican cuisine here is actually very authentic while still offering the dishes you know and love. Even the corn tortillas taste homemade.



We placed our delivery order and  less than 45 minutes later it arrived with the kind and friendly delivery driver. You can pay with cash or card which makes it even simpler. As you can see above we ordered a chimichanga (13,000), Enchiladas Suizas (14,000), and Steak Taco set (10,000)which came with chips, rice, and beans. All this for only 41,000 and I didn’t even have to leave the sofa. I’m living the dream.


To check out the ever list of restaurants check their website. The site will tell you which ones are open and which are closed.  You can also order from more than one restaurant at a time. So if your fights revolve around Thai verses pizza as ours often do, peace will be resumed as you can have both, you just have to pay two delivery fees. You can even order on Kakao Talk. This service is so simple to use you will be able to navigate even through the hangover induced fog. Not convinced? Well too bad I’ve got a bucket of chicken to order.



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  1. Hope it reaches Mapo soon. PS that is NOT authentic Mexican food. It’s probably authentic Tex-Mex. En Mexico no comemos chimiquechingados 😉

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