Twiga is the latest restaurant to open up in Itaewon-dong. Serving up real South African cuisine, it’s going to be the Seoul Saffers’ home away from home. Mum might be far away from home but Vanita Swart is ready to step in and serve up her family favourites that are even better than your Mum’s cooking. Up on the 5th floor, a lift will take you to this South African Safari. In this light and airy space, cute giraffes and zebras will greet you everywhere you look.


After a look at the menu I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist those lamb chops. I think we all know how hard it is to come by rack of lamb, but fresh lamb chops are even rarer and even more expensive. So the fact they are serving them here for 25,000 is incredibly cheap.  These were cooked to absolute perfection. Every meaty morsel was juicy and tender in the middle with the crisp barbecued exterior. Served with the delicious homemade chutney I could have eaten these 10 times over, but that’s always the way with lamb chops. Luckily the accompanying chips were amazing and I soon forgot about the lamb. These are the best chips I have ever had in Korea, bar the triple cooked ones I make sometimes. They were so good, they could start a chip shop. Tasty , crispy, hand cut, and fried, none of those frozen Costco ones that’s for sure. There was also a lovely side salad on the plate to complete the meal. I was very happy indeed.


My dining companion ordered the Bobotie (20,000). A traditional South African dish consisting of a fruity curry mince, topped with a savory baked custard. As my companion was a South African himself I was very eager to find out how he rated this dish and he declared it delicious. I really enjoyed this dish too even though I hadn’t really had anything like it before. I guess it’s similar to a lasagne but more flavoruful and without the pasta. It too was served with those fabulous chips and salad.


Being a fabulous food blogger I occasionally get a few perks of the job and get to try a few extras. The traditional South African sausage boerwors, were excellent and full of flavour. With two kinds of chutney I couldn’t decide which I like more, the traditional or the peach. We also tried the pumpkin fritters. Golden crisp outside with the taste of sugar and cinnamon.


And of course there was no way I could leave without trying Vanita’s famous Amarula cheesecake (6,500 a slice). Vanita also sells a whole one for (35,000). Man I wish I had known about this before my last birthday. Get one for a mates birthday instead of one of those god awful Paris Baguette creations and you will have a friend for life. The texture was perfection, kind of like clotted cream. Then there was a lovely creamy sweet flavour throughout. If it was legal I would probably marry this cheesecake, then eat all the delicious babies.



Twiga is located on the 5th floor, 26-38 Noksapyeondae-ro, Itaewon, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station and come out of exit 3. Walk across the cross walk so you are outside Suji’s deli and go right and walk  along the main road. Keep going straight until you see the over pass bridge and take the road turning left. Twiga is about halfway up the road on the right hand side, just opposite the Saudi Arabian Embassy. For more information or to make a reservation call 010-3784-9555. 




11 comments on “Twiga”

  1. Nice! I just tried Braai Republic recently and should go there soon to compare. 🙂 You said something about Durban curries on facebook. Do you know if they have Bunny Chows on the menu?

  2. Nice! I just tried Braai Republic recently and should go there soon to compare. 🙂 You.said something about Durban Curries on facebook. Do you know if they have Bunny chow on the menu?

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