Last week I was desperately hungering after a burger and figured I’d pop down to Left Coast to get my fix. It has been quite sometime since I wrote my last review and the menu has grown and grown since then. So I thought I would share with you what’s new and good.

It was a hot day and I was in need of a drink. You can never go wrong with their sangria. The Fat Boyfriend had a glass of lemonade, tangy and sweet it was a hit. you can also get it jazzed up with vodka or taquilla if you are in the mood.


Of course it was imperative that I try the Juicy Lucy(14,000). This is Left Coast’s most popular burger and it didn’t disappoint. The exact ratio of ingredients were in every bite. The patty well seasoned and filled with glorious cheese in the middle. Accompanied with salad and their special sauce it ticks all the boxes. I’m also loving their lotus fries.


I was also there to try the Popeye (16,000). This is one of Korea’s most controversial burgers. In the Burger Lovers Seoul group it has the members split between loving and hating. A beef patty topped with candied pork and creamed spinach. Do pork and spinach belong in a burger? I’m on the fence. I still enjoyed it though and especially loved the sweet pork. It’s a nice change for those who don’t enjoy the more traditional burgers so I’m happy to see it on the menu.



I really couldn’t decide which sides to get so I got them all. First up fried pickles (5,000). I got obsessed with these after trying them at The Pizza Pub (now Route 66). The coating was so crispy and serve with a ranch dressing. I really have to  try making these myself.



I also tried the polenta fries, which were perfectly formed. If you enjoy the flavor of corn you will love them, personally I wouldn’t mind a few herbs or a slight other flavour to take the edge off like the ones I make. They do have lots of parmesan on top though. I think I think I will stick with my favourite Kalbi Fries next time though.



You would have thought that I would be full by this point but I still had my heart set on trying the Little Piggy Bao Buns (10,000 for 2).  These were little bites of heaven, my only complaint is that they are too small, bigger would be better in this case. Or I should have just ordered three, what a fool I am. Tasty sweet pork with cilantro and shredded cucumber and green onions and a citrus glaze. These really have the perfect balance of sweet and sour.



And who can resist their warm cookie with icecream and whipped cream (6,000)? The perfect end to the meal.


Left Coast is located at 130-43 Itaewon-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and walk out of exit 4, turn back on yourself and take the road on your left (the street where Taco Bell is) and walk straight. Keep walking on the same side you’re on for about 150 meters, Left Coast is on the right on the second floor.  Call them on 02-6223-5338 to make a reservation or check out their facebook page for more details.




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