I have been dreaming about a fish finger sandwich for weeks now, and I only just got around to making it. However it was more than worth the wait and lived up to all my expectations. Served in a nice fresh baguette, I used some gourmet beer batter pieces of cod that I bought at High Street Market. I smothered the whole thing in tartar sauce and served it up with some home-made mushy peas. Fresh peas are in season a the moment and I picked some up from my local roadside ajumma, she even threw in 3 free chillies (score). I served up this glorious sandwich with my home-made chickpea fries, because I just can’t get enough of them right now.




2-3 fish fingers per sandwich

1/2 a baguette

Tartar sauce

A few pieces of lettuce

2 cups of fresh peas

A knob of butter

A splash of milk

A small handful of fresh mint

Salt & pepper to taste



1. Boil the peas for 10 to 15 minutes until soft. Then strain and put them in the blender while they are still warm and add the knob of butter so that it melts. Add the milk, mint, and salt and pepper and blend until fairly smooth. Don’t overdo it though, it’s best when it still has a bit of texture.

2. You can either deep fry your fish fingers or cook them in the oven. My oven was on the fritz so I deep fried them. Plus I was making the chickpea fries too, so it seemed churlish not to. I cooked mine at 180 degrees for about 8- 10 minutes turning them halfway through.

3. When all is ready pile up your sandwich with lots of tartar sauce, some lettuce and those lovely fish fingers. Chips are optional but always welcome.






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