After going for a walk around Namsan park last Sunday, I stumbled across this place. Yes I went for a walk on Sunday morning, it’s shocking I know but I had to get out of the house. It was the end of the 5 days vacation and I had spent the entire day before dying of a hangover and gorging on junk food and if I hadn’t gotten out of the house I would have gone stir crazy. A Sunday morning walk would never usually be my cup of tea so please don’t judge me.


Anyhow we stumbled across Chunk of Cheese, usually I wouldn’t be caught dead on that hill. Not because I’m too cool for school, just that I generally tend to try and avoid hills. Chunk of cheese is, shockingly, a cheese shop. With over 80 different varieties of cheese they have a huge selection which rivals that of Shinsegae and the foreign food mart. Including some rather good English Cheddars.


I’m not sure it’s worth an out and out trip if you live miles away, but if you live around this neck of the woods it will save you going to Itaewon. It will also worth a peek if you are in the area for dinner. They have lots of anti pasti style things too like salami, olives, wine etc. So if you’re hosting a fancy dinner party or wine and cheese evening then this would be the place to go. Sadly I can’t afford to host wine and cheese parties, but I’d certainly like to. I hold out of date hummus and vodka cocktail nights instead. I’m sure they will catch on any day now.


If you want to visit them personally Chunk of Cheese is located at 31-1 Hoenamu-ro, Yongsan-gu. Or you can call them on 02-795-3079 if you want to inquire about a particular cheese. They are also on Y-not Takeout. So if you live locally, you can have your cheese delivered direct to your door, isn’t that amazing!




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