Little gourmet ice-cream shops are popping up all over Korea like there’s no tomorrow. A trend is here that is set to grow and grow especially now that it’s summer. This one first opened in my neighborhood in the depths of winter and I scoffed about the foolishness of opening an ice-cream shop in the freezing icy cold and went about my business.

However as the winter thawed, the queues for this little shop grew longer and longer, it may have been warmer but I was still in no rush. Now I like ice cream as much as the next person but I’m not prepared to queue for the privilege. The hordes of Korean couples that have descended on our neighborhood will queue diligently while holding hands to get the sweet treat du jour but not me.


But a few nights ago I was sensationally hot and waiting for The Fat Boyfriend and I thought since there wasn’t a queue why not give it a try. I threw caution to the wind and bought myself a 5,300 cherry cone despite the fact I was down to my last 10,000 until pay day. A few moments later I was presented with a large cone dripping with cherry sauce.


The ice-cream was actually very good, and now I see what the fuss was about. Creamy and sweet it was heavenly. The cherry sauce was a little sweet for my tastes but still good, perhaps one of the more citrus flavours would be better against the sweet ice-cream. The star of the show really was the cone. It was just so good. The large portion was glazed giving it such a lovely crust. It was spot on and easy to share between the two of us. I will certainly be visiting them again soon, as long as there is no queue.


To get to Swi:t B, take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and go straight out of exit 2. keep walking straight until you reach the underpass. Go through and take the left hand stairs. Swi:t  B will be right in front of you.





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