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I’m fairly certain that all my regular readers are well aware of my lust for ice-cream these days. It’s actually getting quite out of control, as these lovely luxury ice-creams run quite high. Thankfully they are rich and creamy so one does the job.

I’ve been on a mission to dig out the tastiest frozen treats in Seoul, so I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet sooner or later and leave the loving sanctuary that is Itaewon-dong and head over to Fell + Cole in Hongdae. I’m not a huge fan of Hongdae so wasn’t relishing the trip, however luckily for me I checked their facebook page and found they had opened a brand new branch in Jong-no which was terribly easy for me to visit.

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They have about 12 flavours which change daily. They all have crazy names like Busan Seagull, Corny White, and Youth Potion No.6. If you want to find out the flavours before you head to the parlour then they post them daily on their facebook page. However if you like a little mystery in your life as I do, head on over and just try them all until you find one that suits your fancy. I think we were rather lucky in this regard as there were no other customers, I’m thinking on a hot and sunny Saturday trying 6 may be frowned upon, at least by those waiting in the queue.

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So after trying the numerous different ones I settled upon Lemon Frozen Yogurt (5,200). The Fat Boyfriend is a fan of all things, fruity, zesty and sour. So this really ticked all the boxes for him and I knew it would have to be one of the two we ordered. It was rich, creamy, sweet, and zingy all at the same time. Pure poetry in ice-cream form. No one could turn down that beauty on a hot day.

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I decided upon the Tough Cookie (5,200). A bit of a dull choice for a foodie, but I couldn’t seem to decide between the others. The Strawberry was too mild, the Burnt Caramel too sweet, the Love Potion a strange blend of sesame and something. So the Tough Cookie was just right, (I think I may have been channeling Goldilocks)! It was a creamy ice-cream filled with cookie nuggets.

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On their website they have a huge range of sorbets on the menu, but sadly they had none at the Jong-no store, which was very upsetting as I had brought along my friend Vanessa from Vegan Beats website to enjoy the wealth. So she left with an empty tummy. However I was quite happy and shall certainly pay another visit, next time I am in the area.

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Fell + Cole have three locations in Seoul, one in Hongdae, One in Apgujeong and one in Jong-no. I visited the Jong-no branch. To get there take a train to Jonggak station (line 1). Aim to come out exit 1(but you can’t at the moment due to construction) so take exit 2 and double back on yourself. The entrance to the Grand Seoul Mall is right there in front of you. Fell + Cole is down one level on B1. You can’t miss it. For more information you can call on 02-2158-7909, or check out their website or facebook page.



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