Last week, despite being immensely poor, I decided to treat myself and my man to some lobster. Not a whole lobster of course, I’m not that flush, but some lovely lobster sandwiches which are the new star attraction at Lobster bar in Itaewon. The place is located at the top of the stone stairs just next to Rocky Mountain Tavern. A small cafe with seating for about 12 inside and another 12 outside. It was rather muggy on the day we went, otherwise I would have loved to sit outside and soak up some rays.


The menu is small and efficient with only 4 items. It host three varieties of lobster sandwich and a whole lobster steamed or grilled. I was thrilled to find that despite the small size of the menu they offered 3 different cocktails and I think we all know how much I love the cock-tails. I inquired about the punch and it came highly recommended. I left my cocktail enjoyment in their hands and set about choosing my sandwich.


There are three kinds of sandwich, The Maine, which is lobster with mayo, The Connecticut which is lobster with butter and The Grilled Cheese, which is lobster in a grilled cheese sandwich. We decided to opt for the grilled cheese and the Connecticut, although I’m still itching to try out the Maine one, if anyone fancies taking me?


The punch arrived and I was glad to see it was held in a lovely large jar which justified its 12,000 price tag. The waiter held his breath as I tried my first sip. It was delightful, a fruity dance upon the taste buds with a lovely hit of blackcurrant. He walked away triumphantly as I enjoyed my drink.


The sandwiches were shortly presented in all their glory. The Grilled Cheese (17,000) is really very tasty and filling. Toasted bread, smeared with delicious melted cheese, spinach and plenty of pieces of plump lobster. You get a nice hit of flavour when you bite into it, followed by a spicy finish. It’s very moreish indeed, a bit like crack as Super Hans would say. It comes with salad and fries and they’re also working on getting some fresh corn to accompany it too.


The Connecticut (17,000)  is also exceptionally nice, generous chunks of lobster covered in juicy melted butter and housed in a soft roll. I was very impressed with the amount of lobster that was in it, one is enough to keep you happy. All in all a very good price, some may balk at paying 17,000 for a sandwich but it is lobster after all and they really don’t skimp on the portions.



There is also a tank outside full of live lobsters just waiting to be chosen and win the prize of becoming your dinner. For a mere 49,000, your lobster will be grilled or steamed and served up on a platter. Sadly too rich for my blood, but if anyone needs a date? I’m always available for lobster.



Lobster bar is located at 736-49 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) Exit 3. Walk straight until you get to the stairs next to Rocky Mountain Tavern. Walk to the top of the stairs, Lobster Bar is on your left. For more information you can call them on 070-8225-3963 or check out their website.



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    • Not surprising, maybe because they are using the tail meat now, or maybe just because they are doing so well. shame though as the 2,000 really makes a difference from a price prospective.

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