I generally like to save my cocktail shares for the weekend, but today has just been one of those days and I plan to hit the the bottle the moment I get home from work. I’d be more than happy to get on it before work if only human decency would allow me to indulge in teaching while drunk. So for the moment I choose coffee, but later I shall choose Berentzen.

Berentzen recently celebrated their 1st Birthday in Korea, and to celebrate ran a competition to give away a bottle of each of their fab flavours of liqueur. And would you believe it, I only went and won the blackcurrant one. I have never won a thing in my life (except the pub quiz), so to win some free blackcurrant flavoured booze was tremendous. I’ve been a lover of all things blackcurrant since I had my first sip of Ribena as a child. So using my lovely free booze I made these two cocktails, because lets face it one is never enough.





My first libation is called the Naughty Ribena, an alcoholic and adult friendly version of British kids favourite blackcurrant squash. I was inspired to make this after having a chat with Charlie, the owner and resident mixologist of Battered Sole, who told me he plans to put a Dirty Ribena on the menu of their new British Gastropub restaurant. It hasn’t quite made its way onto the menu yet, so I figured I would have a go at making my own and it turned out perfectly.


4 shots of Berentzen blackcurrant

2 shots of vodka

4- 6 shots of sparkling water

A wedge of lemon



Pour the vodka and Berentzen blackcurrant into your glass and top with the sparkling water. Squeeze in the juice of a wedge of lemon then stir and serve over ice.




The second cocktail I made was a good old rum punch. Now the sun is shining I just can’t get enough of this fruity rum delight. This one makes a whole jug-full, so you can share with your friends, or if you’re a lush like me just drink it alone. This one is kind of boozy so feel free to add more juice if you need to. Ah punch, the answer to all of life’s problems.



4 shots of Berentzen blackcurrant

4 shots of dark rum (I used Captain Morgan)

2 shots of Malibu

12 shots Pineapple juice

Fruit & ice to garnish (strawberries, orange, and lemon)



Pour all the alcohol and juice  into a large jar or  glass. Give it a good mix then top with ice and sliced fruit. Voila two amazing cocktails to see you through the summer season. Happy Birthday Berentzen!



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