Battered Sole has finally opened a second location here in Itaewon. But this time they are offering Gastro Pub fare, as opposed to their Sinchon location, which concentrates solely on fish and chips. With pub style food and their home-made cocktails, there was no stopping me from paying them a visit. Luckily they invited me to the launch party, although if they hadn’t I’m sure I would have been barging my way in regardless.


The downstairs restaurant is a pretty decent sized minimalist pub style affair, all wood, chalk boards, and black leather. However it’s their roof top which is the real show stopper! With Seoul’s only real grass roof, you can spread a picnic blanket and gaze out over the city skyline and soak up those rays while enjoying a tipple or three.


The current menu is short and sweet, offering a handful of choices while they hone their craft. But with daily specials it will only grow over time. I was very tempted by their special of Buffalo Duck Wings (10,000). With none of us ever having had duck wings before we were excited to try them. They were very meaty with a good flavoured buffalo sauce. Much bigger than chicken wings though, they will be a hit with dark meat fans everywhere.


After sampling them at the opening, I couldn’t resist trying the Fish and Chips (14,000). The piece of lightly coated beer battered pollack, was very tasty. The fish was fresh and the batter was light and crisp, though personally I like my batter a little thicker. It went perfectly with the mushy peas. Served with their fabulous triple cooked chips which come with real malt vinegar. It was proper English fare. They also make their own ketchup and tartar sauce, both of which are insatiably scrumptious. I could eat this every day of the week.


We also ordered the Duck Breast (14,000) . Cooked perfectly so it was just a little pink in the middle, while the skin was still crispy.  Full of flavour it was a lovely piece of meat, and not something you often see on menus in Korea. The mash was a little under seasoned but there was a jug of red wine reduction gravy which accompanied it which has just the right balance of sweet and saltiness and complimented the dish well. A very reasonable price for a meal like this.


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My friend ordered the Poached Salmon (14,000). Cooked sous vide at 52 degrees Celsius, he enjoyed it immensely. The egg was perfectly poached, and served with a good garlic hollandaise and wilted spinach. I can’t wait to try it smothered all over their Eggs Benedict when they get the brunch menu up and running.


After our mains we didn’t have any rooms for dessert, but did partake in some cocktails of course.


Excellently priced at only 4,500, these drinks are pretty darn good. The Dirty Lemonade and watermelon flavoured Pink Jaime are probably my favourites. Although I’ve already been enough times to make my own drink which is half and half of the above which I have called The Pink Gemmonade!


I have pretty much tried all the cocktails at this point, and haven’t found one I don’t like yet. However they still need a little more work on their beer selection. The only cider they have available at the moment is Rock Creek Canadian cider. With all the amazing imports that are available at the moment they really need to get some good British ciders stocked, then it will be a proper British pub.


Battered Sole is located at 2F, 9-4, Itaewon, 19-Gil, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 1. walk straight, and take the first right after KFC. Walk to the end of the until you reach the road which runs parallel to the main road. Then turn left and walk to the very end of the alley way. Battered Sole is is a little alley way between Praha and HBC Galbi Jib.You can call them on 02-7496867 or check out their facebook page for more details.




5 comments on “Battered Sole”

  1. I moved to Tokyo last year after 2.5 years in Seoul and still read your blog all the time… good to know whats there for when I come back to Seoul for a visit. Keep it up and great job on the body transformation too!
    p.s could do with you moving to Tokyo as this city is missing a good food blog!

  2. Just had a meal tonight with my son and hubby at Battered Sole and have to say it was disappointing.
    Hubby and I had fish and chips – fish overcooked and chips slightly soggy! However, my son did enjoy his roast duck and my mulled wine was superb.
    Such a shame because the restaurant itself has such a great vibe.

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