Every day in Itaewon another shop is lost and another restaurant or cafe pops up in it’s place. As a food blogger you think I would be thrilled about this as I literally never need to leave Itaewon again with all the new places that are opening. But sadly most of them are trying to cash in with new crowd of Koreans that are visiting our little neighbourhood. I’m a fan of quality rather quantity when it comes to restaurants but c’est la vie.

Luckily Aventino is a great addition to the neighbourhood. I have been craving gelato all summer long, so it was great to finally get some. Barely open a couple of weeks, they have a range of about 10 different flavours. Once I had revealed my food blogger status the owner insisted I tried them all. And of course I took him up on his offer, it would have been churlish not to.


After the round of samples, my clear favourites were the Lemon and Hazelnut. I was with The Fat Boyfriend so we decided to get two scoops (5,000) but I didn’t really think that lemon and hazelnut matched, so we went for the lemon and grapefruit.


The lemon flavour was incredible. More sorbet than gelato it reminded me of the granita you find in tiny cafes all over Italy. It had just the right balance of sourness. Sweet and zingy all at the same time, it really was perfection on the lemon dessert front. The Grapefruit sorbet was also very tasty. I’m not usually a fan of grapefruit as I find it too bitter, but since The Fat Boyfriend loves it, I decided to give it a go. It was darn tasty and complimented the lemon perfectly.


I also have to give big props to the Pistachio and the Stracciatella. When I was in Italy I  practically ate a gelato a day and am in love with tiramisu gelato. So if they can get that on  the menu I’ll be in heaven. They also have large to go containers so you can get a couple of pints to take home, which is just perfect for eating while you lie on the sofa and watch the new season of Project Runway.


Aventino is located at 567 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you reach the under pass, go through and take the stairs on the right. Walk straight past Trevia and Taco Chili Chili, until you reach Aventino, it’s just on the left before the post office. You can call them on 02-792-0567 for more details.



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