Last week I visited Homeplus for the first time in about a year and a half. Not because I haven’t wanted to (nothing puts a smile on face like a trip to the supermarket), but because I made it my New Years resolution to try and support more local small businesses rather than big corporations. Although being entirely honest, there isn’t one near where we live so I am sure my laziness rather than my social conscience has probably attributed to that. But last week I was having a bit of a crap day then discovered there was one on my way home from work, so I decided to pop in and do a spot of food shopping to cheer myself up.

From the moment I walked in I was amazed at the change. I’m a fruit and veg fanatic these days and drooled all over the new section. Ingredients which were hard to find before are now prevalent. 3,000 won for a dragon fruit or only 2,000 for a coconut or passion fruit. Even avocados are only 2,300 each now. I never thought I would see these kind of exotic ingredients at such low prices.


Next I popped over to the meat selection. Homeplus stocks an amazing brand now called Mr Beaks which do all manner of proper flavoured sausages, steaks, and packed meat. They even have marinated fresh lamb chops!


The dried goods selection has made an amazing transformation too. They now have all the spices of the world. I didn’t have a look at every single one, but they had an amazing selection, plenty of cumin, dill, and chives. Compared to three years ago when all they had was rosemary, parsley, and curry powder it’s a huge step up. I also noticed cloves in the reduced section, so it might be a good idea to get in early for the mulled wine.


I was also a bit excited to see they have a giant pick and mix selection, until I found out that it’s not technically pick and mix. They have tiny prepacked sachets, though for only a few hundred won each, you could just get lots! They also have Haribo finally, although still no Tangfastics, but it’s only a matter of time!



Probably the best section was the Tesco’s Finest Range. The change here was incredible. Gourmet ketchup, cherry compote, Tuscan olive oil, orzo pasta,  a variety of Swiss chocolate bars and much much more.


And look at these little beauties I found in the freezer. At 8,000 each they aren’t cheap, but they are proper English Ice-creams. Made in the West Country where I am from, Madagascan vanilla, West Country Fudge, Coconut and Mango, Passionfruit and Jaffa Orange, and Stem Ginger. I got the jaffa orange and passionfruit sorbet which was scrumptious and well worth the price tag.


They even had a couple of other proper British items lurking like Heinz baked beans and shortcake biscuits!


Anyway here is what I ended up with, came to about 100,000 which isn’t cheap but I bought lots of luxury items so I think I did quite well overall.


Parmesan, Emmental, Giant pot of yoghurt, 2 pineapples, 300g of quality chocolate, sorbet, steak, croissants, prosecco, blackcurrant jam, black beans, and cheese sticks to name a few. I couldn’t even imagine finding these items 5 years ago and now my shopping basket was filled with them. I am one happy although slightly poorer camper indeed!

The Homeplus I visited is the one located at Gubeundari station on line 5. This was decently sized Homeplus but not giant. So hopefully they should have some these items at your nearest one too, although stock will vary from store to store.



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  1. Ooooh, that is exciting. My HomePlus has everything you’ve shown here except the Heinz baked beans and all of the spices. I need cumin something fierce! I’ll be waiting impatiently for that space rack to be installed in the HP that I use!

  2. We live two blocks from a giant HomePlus in Yatap. I love it there! As an American I buy the Tesco goodies as special import treats, ha! My kids love the candy isle with the little bags of treats and we always find something new and exciting there.

  3. Hiiii, I was looking through your blog and your restaurant recommendations.
    And I was just wondering if you know any place in Korea where I can get crumpets?
    Any kind of crumpets will be fine.
    I was thinking of making one instead, but just wondering if you know.
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Sadly I have never found crumpets here, so you will definitely need to make them yourself. I did find them in M&S in Shanghai though 🙂

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