It’s Saturday and it’s time to get the party started. Although summer is pretty much at an end season wise, it’s actually the ideal time time to get outside. Plus with the sun beating down in the late 20s it sure as hell feels like summer, thus the summer sangria was born. I am usually a red sangria drinker myself, but was in the mood for something blanco this time. I’ve been drinking it for 5 days straight over Chuseok so it must be pretty damn good, that or I’m just not that fussy when drunk. The lovely people at Berentzen  sent me over a bottle of their apple liquor as thanks for creating a few cocktails with the blackcurrant one. There’s only one thing I love more than booze and that’s free booze, so I used it to jazz up this classic drink. It really hits the spot and goes down a storm. Add any fruit you like, I just used what I had. Happy drinking!



1 bottle of Prosecco (or and sweet sparkling white wine)

100mls of Berentzen apple

300mls of Sprite

1 orange

A handful of blueberries

A handful of strawberries

Ice to serve



1. Slice your orange and add the fruit to your jug.

2. Add the Berentzen and Prosecco.

3. Top up with ice and Sprite and give it a good old stir. Drink and enjoy. Repeat steps 2-3 until you run out of wine or you fall over. For me it’s generally falling over, I’d never be foolish enough to let myself run out of wine!




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