It’s finally happened, after thinking about it long and hard, Fat Girl is finally on Youtube! In all my glory I’m helping present a cool new show called Seoul Food. A fabulous little vlog about where to eat and how local restaurants cook their cramazing food. Our first episode kicked off with Amazing Thai. I was pretty damn excited about it as I love Thai food. I have used the Y-not delivery service to have it at home once before but had yet to try the food in store. So if you want to watch my Oscar winning/cringe inspiring youtube debut, click here! Or if you don’t really like me very much, it’s worth watching just to laugh at me.


After we had learned how to make the dishes we got to eat them, which frankly is the only reason I signed up to take part. First up was the Thai Green Curry we made. Fresh out the wok,  Gaeng Keaw-wan gai (13,000) can’t be beaten. The curry was amazing, and I’m not just saying it because I saw it being made in front of me. It was just so luxuriously rich and tasty. The Creamy coconut balanced out the heat of the curry paste. Sometimes a Thai curry can be too spicy but this one was spot on. Served with the rice we couldn’t get enough.


We also got to share the classic Pad Thai Gai (12,000) dish. Fried noodles that were better than some I have tasted at the street stalls of Bangkok, they really took me back to my travelling days. We got them with stir fried chicken and vegetables, but they have various other varieties including shrimp and tofu.


Lastly we tried my favorite dish of cashew chicken or as it’s formally known Gai Pad Med Ma Muang (13,000). I pretty much lived on this during my time in Thailand so like to think of myself as an expert. Crispy chicken in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce, mingling with green peppers and cashew nuts. It was pure perfection. The chicken had a nice crispy exterior and as you can see from the picture they don’t skimp on the nuts!


As we were having a nose around we noticed lots of boxes pilled up the corner, I asked what they were for and found out they are prizes. If you go in store and spend over 100,000 you can get one and inside is a prize. They are sponsored by the Thai embassy and only given to a few lucky restaurants. Inside you can win tickets to Thailand!!! How cool is that? So go in, order like there’s no tomorrow and have your leftovers wrapped up to go.


Amazing Thai is located at 683-134 Hannam-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Hangangjin station (line6) and come out of exit 3. Keep walking straight until you reach the block of restaurants after Dominic. Amazing Thai is located on the 2nd floor on your right. For more information you can call on 02-796-7377, or for a full menu and delivery straight to your sofa check out Y-Not Takeout.



8 comments on “Amazing Thai”

  1. I have ordered Amazing Thai from Y-Not takeout. Little word of caution, don’t order on a Friday. It took almost and hour and a half to get to me. I wasn’t too impressed with the pad thai. It lacked flavour. Even my 2 year old could eat it and usually she says pad thai is too spicy for her. I am hoping that eating in the restaurant might be better than take out.

    • I’m a lazy person so I love a home delivery, but the food was definitely better at the restaurant. Plus you can let them know to kick up the heat, I never think Pad Thai is usually a very spicy dish though, more sweet than anything. An hour and a half is way too long to wait, they must have been slammed that day. Leave some feedback on the website to let them know if you are unhappy as it can help them improve.

  2. Amazing thai is nothing short of amazing lol we usually head there from church in huge groups haha that back room is usually ours, from one side to the other, the food is good and the owners are awesome!

    nice heads up on the prizes! mmmmmm wonder if i should take a group of people and head there sometime soon lol keep up the awesome blogging and videos now too 🙂

  3. So tonight I decided to walk there instead of ordering take out from the websites and I have to take my words back. This time the pad Thai was delicious. Either they left something out last time or I blame late delivery.

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