This week my favourite British bar Bulldogs, is running a promotion in conjunction with the British Embassy called This Tastes GREAT. A fabulous food festival focusing on classic Great British cuisine. There is a special menu on at Bulldogs from September 29th – October 5th. There are a variety of bars and restaurants taking part in the festival offering different dishes, next week Behind Yellow in Nonhyeodong will be serving up its tribute to Queen and country.


There are 3 items on the special menu, first up was the Breakfast Martini (8,500). What a fabulous way to start, a sweet and fruity martini is right up my street. Made with Hendrick’s gin, berry brandy, raspberry and cranberry jam, and topped with an adorable piece of toast and jam. It went down a treat and at only 8,500 I really hope it stays on the menu. It is the perfect chaser to one of their Pimm’s fruit cups.


As a Brit myself, I take my pies very seriously. There’s nothing like one to warm you up on a cold rainy day, and yesterday was no exception. With the drizzly rain we were suffering it was just like being at home again. The special Bangers & Barrels (14,500) was the perfect meal for grizzly Monday. The rich ale gravy was filled with pieces of beef, sausages, peas, and carrots and topped with a cheese skirt and their creamy mashed potatoes. It was heavenly, even better than my mum’s, but don’t tell her that.


As part of the offer they are giving away a California style pale ale, by Scottish brewery BrewDog, to each customer that purchases a Bangers & Barrel Pie. Who doesn’t like free beer? The Fat Boyfriend certainly did.


For dessert we were served up the Tea-licious Mousse (7,000). Served in these charming little tea cups was the decadent white chocolate and earl grey tea mousse. One mouthful and I was hooked, it was just so creamy, and the white chocolate and earl grey was a match made in heaven. Served on the side were homemade shortbread biscuits, because you can’t have tea without biscuits! A real sweet treat to end the meal, I practically licked the whole cup clean.


During the festival you can buy each dish individually or buy the set of all three for 27,500. If you buy the set you also get a little bag of British goodies consisting of a sparkling water, a bar of Green and Black’s chocolate, and a Berry White organic juice.  There’s nothing like a goodie bag of free stuff to round off a fantastic meal.


The This Tastes GREAT menu is available at the Itaewon location and their new Gangnam location. The new Gangnam location is even bigger than the original, and sports some fantastic artwork, by renowned British artist Mat Hughes. They also have BrewDog on tap, and even more pictures of Britains greatest celebrities, as well as all their usual fantastic cocktails and hotdogs.



Bulldogs Gangnam is located at 2F 9  Gangnam-daero, 94-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Gangnam station (line 2) and come out of exit 11. Walk straight, then take the first right down the side of the CNN building. Walk down the alley way and turn left. You should see bulldogs just ahead on the right as you exit the alley way. For more information call 02-538-2998 or checkout their facebook page.



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