Tasting my way around the world is pretty much my mission in life. So doing it under one roof just bodes well with my laziness and lack of can do attitude. As luck would have it, it’s time again for Korea’s biggest and best food show, showcasing restaurants, vendors, franchises, and some of the best food in the world!


This year’s exhibition has been divided among several themes, which will be presented in different sections. This year’s themes are ASEAN Local Food, Health & Healing, Solar Salt & Low Sodium, Desserts & Delicate, Trendy Traditional Korean Food, and Single & Simple Food. Hopefully that means there will be something for everyone to enjoy whether your interests lie in exotic world cuisine, health foods, or desserts. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the Single and Simple department! It’s about time gourmet ready meals made it to Korea for those who are are too busy to cook. Or if you are like me, just enjoy eating a ready meal to keep your hunger at bay while you prepare a more time consuming feast.


Co-hosting Food Week is the Seoul International Bakery Fair! So that means there will be a huge host of baked goodies, and chefs showing off their cool skills in the baking competition. It’s also a great chance to pick up any baking or cookware, so if you have your heart set on a Vitamix, or an 18 inch cake tin this is the place to get it!


Also involved are the GKBF, although they sound like a political activist group, the GBKF is actually The Great Korean Beer Fest. They will be offering samples for people to savor the large variety of awesome craft beers. As it happens they are also running a festival this weekend at the war memorial. For more info about it and to buy tickets check out their facebook page.


So if your ideal Saturday involves walking around a supermarket devouring as many free samples as possible, and let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy that. Then the food show is definitely the place for you. I had a great time at the Coffee Expo  hosted here earlier in the year, so am looking forward to seeing what the Food Expo has to offer too!


Food Week Korea will be taking place at Coex, Seoul. On November 12th -15th 2014. If you would like to get free tickets you can sign up on the Food Week Website before October 31st.



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  1. Sounds like fun! Does it matter that we are not in the food industry…aka…have no company or department to represent and are just there to enjoy the treats?!

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