Hurray, Halloween is fast approaching and it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I love a good a food theme and what better theme is there than something a bit spooky and scary. I’ve made a few different things over the years so here’s a bit of an amalgamation of my stuff, it’s no pinterest board but there’re a couple of gems in there regardless. Sadly I have not had a hot minute this year  to make anything new as I’ve been too busy making my foodie themed costumes instead. Though since I took 1st and 2nd prizes for them, I consider it time well spent!

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All good Halloween parties start with plenty of booze. This Blood Lust cocktail is just what yours needs to get you into the spooky spirit and get everyone doing the monster mash.


If you want something cute and adorable to serve for dinner then look no further than these Halloween Stuffed Peppers. Cute as a damn button and tasty too, I’d eat these any day of the year.


For a Halloween pot luck party, my pumpkin focaccia is just the ticket. Just follow the regular Focaccia Bread recipe and skip the tomatoes on top. instead make a a pumpkin shape with yellow or orange peppers and fill it in with cheese and make a cute face. Easy and delicious.


For a sweet treat I made this spider web pavlova. Follow my pavlova recipe but when you bake the meringue shape it into a web shape, once baked top with whipped cream and pipe melted chocolate to make a web shape. I made the spider with an oreo dipped into chocolate and some pretzels for the legs. I think it turned out pretty damn well, and everyone said it was delicious.


If you’re absolutely rubbish at any form of baking but still want to get in on the Halloween themed edibles then head over to Monster Cupcake. They create the most amazing scary cupcakes and other baked treats that are super yummy and scary. Happy Halloween everyone!




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