After the disappointing and tiny dinner we had eaten at Locos, Team Fat Girl roamed the streets of Gyeongridan looking for sustenance. We eventually stumbled across new kid on the block Meatballism. Now I’m not usually one for putting balls in my mouth, but with a rumbly tummy on the go a meat ball sub seemed just the ticket to fill us all up.


The shop is fairly small but has seating inside and out for about 15. When you arrive you are given a menu to check your choices. There are a variety of different meat balls on the menu, classic, spicy pork, chicken, and veggie. You can then choose your sauce from tomato, spicy bolognaise, mushroom cream, and pesto. They have daily specials on both meat balls and sauces, as well as other extras such as fried eggs and garlic bread. There is also a side menu including salad, soup, risotto, mac and cheese and desserts like deep fried bananas and cronut balls. To avoid disappointment I would suggest going in the day time, as on my visit and a subsequent visit from Team Fat Girl they had run out of at least half the menu. But since they are still starting out I’ll give them a pass on that for now.


I opted for a classic meatball sub with a spicy bolognaise sauce (12,000). As you can see from the picture it’s a beast of a sandwich. The meatballs were well seasoned and  had a good flavour. The spicy bolognaise sauce was also very tasty and clearly homemade. Topped with provolone cheese it was scrummy,  although I wouldn’t mind if you could double up, as you can never have too much cheese for my liking. Not the cheapest sandwich on the block, but tasty, hearty and filling.


We also got the spicy pork balls with pesto (12,000). I would have loved to try this with the chicken but sadly they were out of chicken meatballs when we got there. So we decided to try the spicy pork which had a nice kick without knocking your socks off. The pesto sauce was again very good and homemade.


My carb-phobic friend Mark ordered the Naked balls (8,000)! And don’t they look delightful, classic meatballs served in a pesto sauce with a slice of garlic bread.  A grand combination of the dishes above. If we hadn’t already eaten I would have loved to try one of the desserts. Maybe next time!


Meatballism is located at 36 Hoenamu-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you reach the under pass and exit using the left hand stairs. Follow the road around and keep walking up the  hill.  Meatballism is on the right hand side a third of the way up before you reach the 7-11. For more information you can call them on 02-792-5161 or check out their website.



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