Living overseas is not an easy life, and missing all your favourite foods just makes it even harder. Every time I go home for a visit I always have a suitcase to bring back which is  stuffed to the brim with all my favourite goodies. But when you eat as much as I do, it’s not long before everything has been eaten and I’m yearning for a chocolate orange and a bag of Quavers once again. Finding American treats can be easy enough with the base right next door to Itaewon but finding British stuff is a lot more tricky, until now.


This Christmas I decided to order up a box of myself and The Fat Boyfriend’s favourite treats for Christmas. Although we won’t actually be here for Christmas, we will be in Beijing then Singapore. But still, what a prize to come home to! Lets just face it, without copious amounts of British crisps and chocolate it really isn’t Christmas!


There are always things you really like but are impossible to get. So I decided to treat myself to a bottle of Ribena, a jar of Branston pickle, and a bottle of malt vinegar. These are just store cupboard favourites we take for granted at home and are sorely missed here.


I ordered a dry box, but they also have a refrigerated section filled with cheese, ready meals, and snacks like scotch eggs and pork pies. They even have booze they can send you, including Fat Girl’s favourite, Pimm’s, which I will certainly be ordering a bottle or two of in the summer.


So as you can see it wasn’t the healthiest box in the world, and I’ll be sure to be putting on a few Christmas pounds, but frankly if there are Jaffa Cakes involved I consider it to be well worth it. And no Christmas is complete with out some Christmas choccies in tubes and a tub of Celebrations. They ever sent us a little pack of milky bar goodies as a present.


I ordered the delivery on December 11th, and it arrived on the 22nd so they were pretty spot on with their delivery times. For a box the price is £40 for just over 5kg of delivery then how ever much you spend on goodies. I guess that’s a little expensive but considering the cost of delivery to send small packages from home it’s actually very reasonable. Sometimes you have a treat yourself and I consider the £100 I spent all in all to be well worth it. If you want to place an order then just click through to the website here. Though if you leave your email address in the comments section I will recommend you to the site so we can both get discounts on further products. Merry Christmas everyone, may you all enjoy a mince pie or two!




10 comments on “British Corner Shop”

  1. Hi,
    Did you know there is a Marks and Spencer section in the Apgujeong Department Store?! So many goodies, it’s very exciting!

  2. Hi. I am thinking of putting an order in for christmas. Is there a limit on how much we can order dollar wise. I dont want to get taxed by korean customs. Great read thank you

    • Yes there is definitely a limit. I believe its around $150 USD. I’m not sure if he delivery counts though. I had a box last year between 100-120 pounds which was fine. Your best bet is to email them and check as they are bound to know the restrictions. Happy Shopping!

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