I previously reviewed Lobster bar back in the summer when they had first opened. The restaurant has been a roaring success ever since with Koreans and expats alike going crazy for Lobster and creating queues out the door. To deal with this ever growing demand they have recently moved to new premises and expanded their menu.


The new space is about 10 times the size of the old one, and still styled in the same derelict warehouse and shipping container-chic style. It’s located in the old All American Diner’s location above Starbucks near Mcdonald’s.


We grabbed a table by the window and had a good old gander at the menu. I felt like it was about high time that I  finally tried one of their whole lobsters. There are now 4 ways you can have a whole lobster, we settled on the Cantonese Lobster (49,000) and I don’t regret it for a moment.


If you are a regular reader you will know what a fan of Chinese food I am, and this dish was just like eating a lobster version of chow mein back home. Flavoured with garlic and ginger, the sauce had a wonderful balance without being sweet. Served with delicious egg noodles and stir fried vegetables it was a real winner. The lobster was of a very good size and cooked beautifully. I feel this could easily be shared between two people, and you could always throw on an extra side or two to round it out.


We also thought it prudent to try the new Lobster Cappuccino (7,000), A rich tomato soup laced with chunks of lobster, not a lot but just enough, the broth had a wonderful flavour without being too fishy. This one is sure to warm your cockles on a cold day.


As always my eyes were bigger than my belly and I thought it would be appropriate to try one of the new sandwiches on the menu. There had been a crab po boy which was sadly unavailable so I went for the Lobster BLT (19,000). This was nice if you like bacon, but a tad dry compared to the offerings laced with cheese, mayonnaise, or butter. Still a good sarnie but probably my least favourite of the bunch, though designing a new sandwich even better than the originals was always going to be a tall order.


As well as the sandwich we also got some Cheesy Clam Chowder Fries (12,000), because, why not? It’s cold outside and I had walked all the way from HBC and desperately needed to refuel my body . Sadly I ate so much I was unable to walk back, but that’s neither here nor there. The sauce was nice and creamy with pieces of bacon and jalapeño on top. I’m always into wet fries, so these were certainly a winner for me.


I had my lovely friend Jeanie with me who is sadly allergic to lobster, but thankfully she put her health at risk to accompany us anyway. She ordered the Cobb Salad (14,000) and it was just so beautifully presented I couldn’t help but like it. It also made me feel much healthier having it on the table along with all the other more sinful items.


As it was Sunday Funday, we all got a drink. I of course got the Berry Fruit Punch (13,000), which was just as good as last time, except now it’s recommended as a drink for two, but I think we all know that I didn’t share it. TFB had a Great White Beer (8,5000), which has been added to the menu with a variety of other craft beers. And Jeanie ordered the Caipirinha (7,500) . Sadly this was a bit of a let down and had no resemblence to a Caipirinha. If you wanted a lime & rum long drink it was fine and tasted fairly good, but if you wanted a real Caipirinha you would be disappointed. I hope they will change it to the correct drink or change the name as it’s a little misleading – Crushed ice, fresh lime, sugar and rum is what it should be.


Overall I was really impressed with the new menu and cant wait to try some of the other whole lobsters, I will also be going  back for more sandwiches! The new restaurant is great and it has a much better atmosphere, it’s definitely made it on to my list of favourite places to eat in the area.


Lobster Bar is located at 56-13 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (line 6) come out of exit 4 and walk straight, keep going until you reach Mcdonalds.Lobster Bar is on the 3rd floor just above Starbucks. For more information you can call them on 070-8225-3963 or check out facebook page.




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