Last weekend I finally got around to using a voucher I won during Halloween at The Great Korean Beer Festival. I won second prize in the costume contest for my Chi-Maek (치맥) costume. I know always the bridesmaid, never the bride but still a prize is a prize. Included in my gift basket along with a selfie stick was a buffet lunch for two at Feast, to which I took the Fat Boyfriend along with me to enjoy.


Feast is located on the 41st floor of the Sheraton hotel in the D-Cube mall plaza. The restaurant is surrounded with floor to ceiling windows so you can gaze out at the city around you. Though these seats fill up, so you may want to book in advance to secure a good table.


The buffet is set up in different stations. The most popular station on our arrival was the sushi bar. Two chefs were preparing fresh sushi rolls and sashimi, there was a decent selection of different kinds that should keep most people happy.


There were also fresh oysters which were very popular, smoked salmon, and crab stews and soups. Not being much of a fish lover there wasn’t really a whole lot going on for me here, but TFB partook and enjoyed it.


As usual they had the requisite make your own salad bar, a fair spread but nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, there were a few pre-made salads around the corner, and a huge bread selection which was far more impressive. They had a huge choice of oils and vinegars for the bread which I thought was a nice touch.


The bread sticks given to each table were also excellent, the perfect balance of structure and chewy soft goodness. I’d give my right arm to be able to bake these at home. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of them, but they were scrummy.


The hot meals section had lots of western and Korean dishes to choose from. Some of the western dishes had been tailored to suit Korean taste which isn’t surprising as the clientele was 95% Koreans. For me the highlights were the steak, and wasabi battered shrimps. There was also potato gratain, stew, dakgalbi, burritos, tandoori chicken, pizza, and a plethora of other things I really can’t remember.


They also had a pasta bar where they had a variety of different kinds and they would make you any fresh sauce to go with it. TFB got a bowl of penne arabiatta which was pretty damn tasty.


Lastly we hit what I thought was probably the best section of all, the dessert bar! I may have actually hit this one several times, which may or may not be the cause of the zip on my trousers breaking. But who could say for sure, luckily H&M was just downstairs.


There really was an overwhelming choice at this part of the buffet. Well maybe first timers might be overwhelmed but not the Fat Girl, she’s always up to the challenge. I of course got one of everything to try. Lots of little cute desserts in pots. The red velvet cake and white chocolate mouse were the stars  of this plate.


The also had about 10 diffrerent cakes by the slice, and a chocolate fountain with all manner of mini goodies to dip into the melted chocolate waterfall goodness. .


There was even a candy bar and a gelato selection. It was really amazing.


To round off the meal we got a tea and a coffee, but these were the only drinks included in the meal apart from water.


Overall I am not really sure if I think the buffet is actually worth 60,000. Sure the view is great and there is a nice selection, but there really aren’t that many big ticket items to justify the price. It’s like a classier version of VIP’s which is only around 25,000 per person.


However when we were leaving, I noticed that in the bar opposite they were setting up an afternoon tea dessert buffet. This had a wonderful selection of desserts that was even better than the one from the lunch buffet, it obviously came with tea and coffee and there were sandwiches and macaroons etc. I inquired about the price and found that it was only 27,000. You could still get your fill of goodies and enjoy the view for a much lower price. So I’d probably do that if I was in the area again.


Feast is located at the Sheraton, Seoul D Cube City Hotel,  662 Gyeongin-ro Guro-gu  Seoul. To get there take a train to Sindorim station (line 1&2) and follow the directions for the D-Cube plaza and Sheraton Hotel. Once in the mall, take the designated Sheraton elevator to the 41st floor. For more information you can call them on 02-2211-1710 or check out their website.



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