It’s Throwback Thursday! Loving this weekly segment so much right now, as I’m rediscovering so many awesome recipes I had forgotten about. This week I was making Buffalo Chicken Dip, and eating brunch at Guilty pleasure. But what was I doing this week 2 years ago……

This week in 2014

I was eating hotdogs and drinking Pimm’s at Bulldogs in Itaewon!


And I was making goats cheese quiche with the fantastic hand made goat’s cheese delivered from Waeg farm.


This week in 2013 

I was making scotch eggs, because they are awesome!


I was dining at Gastro Pub in Bangbaedong.


And I was shopping at iHerb for the first time! If you have yet to check them out do it now, thousands of awesome foreign ingredients all delivered to your house for a mere $4. Use this code MRV792 for $10 off your first order. They will transform your Korean foodie life.




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