Last weekend I went to brunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Seoul. It had been months since my last visit so I took a motley assortment of my most fabulous chingus to go check out the new brunch menu.


As always we were welcomed warmly by the staff and shown to a lovely table by the window. We got straight down to business and ordered a round of cocktails to sip while we had a look at the menu. I of course got my favourite Bloody Mary (13,000). The waitress asked how hot I would like it which I thought was a nice touch. The tomato juice used was very nice and not at all sweet, I’d really like to know where they got it.


The boys ordered the adorably named Breakfast Club (12,000). Whiskey, egg whites, maple syrup, cream and bacon. This cocktail was divine. Just so creamy and sweet with the lovely smokey flavour from the bacon. It was like drinking French toast. My only complaint was the size, as it was just far too easy to drink. They should do a super size version of it.



We decided to kick things off with the Chimichurri Fries (8,000). I have had them before but they were even better than I remember. The pesto style chimichurri sauce and grated parmesan on top were just the ticket to take them from fine to OMG. We were all fighting over these and they were gone in minutes.


For brunch I had to test the muster of their Egg’s Benedict (15,000). On the menu it comes with salmon but with my phobia of most things fishy, I switched mine out for bacon.


The thin slices of bacon were crisp and tasty, and on top of two of their incredibly mourish flakey pastry like biscuits.  The hollandaise has a lovely lemony flavour and as you can see the eggs were spot on. It came with home fries and a nice chunky salad. Excellent brunch material. They also have a biscuits and gravy which I am keen to go back and try next time, I would love to see how it compares to the one at Guilty Pleasure.


TFB opted to try the new Breakfast sandwich (12,000). Filled with a huge piece of omelet, avocado, bacon, and cheese. It was incredibly tasty and such an awesome price. The sandwich had a little bit of a spicy kick to it too which was probably the pico de gallo salsa. Nothing too overpowering, just the right amount. This one was closer to being inhaled than eaten as it was so good. It came with served with hand fried crisps, which were nice but I’d personally rather have a side of the home fries or chimichurri fries.


We also got my absolute favourite dish on the menu, the Fried Chicken and biscuits (17,000). On my first visit I waxed lyrically about this chicken so please read my more detailed description here. It is honestly one of the best meals I have ever eaten in Korea. I was scared that the amazing deliciousness of it had been over hyped in my imagination and it would never live up to my expectations but if anything it surpassed them. It’s a must order item for any chicken lover.


Very kindly the kitchen sent us over a couple of desserts on the house to try. We had all been clutching our bellies and complaining how full we were, but when they turned up no one could resist them.


The Lemon Meringue Pudding (13,000) was my favourite of the two. The ginger cookie crust was a real delight, and the lemon curd was tart and zingy and danced upon the tongue. Topped with a light and fluffy meringue it was a lovely ending to the meal. Owner Catherine remarked that she knew I would love this, as she had witnessed a spectacular fail on my part the last time I was there. I had brought a home made lemon meringue cake along for a friends birthday. It was July and not surprisingly the whole thing melted into oblivion by the time I even got to the restaurant. The poor kitchen staff had to do their best to resurrect it, but it was big old hot mess. Rather embarrassing indeed, but I guess an ugly cake is better than no cake at all.


We also tried the Apple Turnovers (12,000) with chestnut ice cream and crushed cacao beans.  This was a real winter dessert, sweet caramelized apples wrapped in pastry just screams cozy night in. The ice cream was lovely with the cinnamon and chestnut flavours really bursting through. Definitely a winner for those who like a hearty dessert.


We were all having such a wonderful time we decided to order another round of drinks. I ordered the Rumchata (8,500), I first tried this fabulous creation back in the Summer and it was just as good as I remember, sweet milky spiced rummy goodness and only 8,500. I could honestly drink these all day, and at that price I could actually afford to do it.


The boys opted for the Piss and Vinegar (8,500), and a Rosemary’s Baby (10,000). The Piss and Vinegar is a mixology marvel. I would never choose this cocktail myself but it has such a wonderful balance of sweet and sour and you can’t taste the Whiskey at all. The Rosemary’s Baby is also adorably named, and a lovely libation. The rosemary syrup really takes the edge off the bitterness from the grapefruit. Gin lovers will be a fan of this one.


All in all we had a fabulous brunch, and a good time was had by all. I would definitely put The Beastro in my top three brunches in the city. The food is modern and great value, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the cocktail menu is exceptional. Which all together makes the perfect brunch location for me, even if I do have to travel to Hongdae to get it. One word of warning, the place gets very popular at weekends so make a reservation to avoid disappointment!


The Beastro is located at 358-32 Seogyo Dong 2F, Mapo Gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Sangsu station (line 6). Come out of exit 1 and turn back on yourself. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes until you reach the Hongdae Park. Walk up the stairs till you reach the road that runs parallel and you should see The Beastro on the 2nd floor above M.A.C (Make-up and great food!!!). For more information call 02-334-2500 or check out their facebook page.





4 comments on “The Beastro – Brunch”

  1. Visited yesterday after reading this review. Was disappointed to find that they no longer serve the Breakfast Club cocktail and that the Breakfast Sandwich no longer includes avocado. My girlfriend did enjoy her roast beef sandwich though!

    • I’d be disappointed too. The beastro does tend to change up its menu from time to time depending on ingredient availability etc. Glad you enjoyed your beef sandwich at least!

    • They are open for lunch everyday from 11:30-15:30 I’m not sure if the brunch is only on weekends, you could always call and check.

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