Last weekend I sauntered over to Jongro, to check out Brew 3.15 which is the latest venture of fellow foodie Daniel Gray. Daniel invited me and TFB to come and taste his wares, so taste them we did.


The restaurant is located in a traditional Korean alleyway, in an old converted villa. After the success of Brew 3.14, his craft beer and pizza joint, Daniel decided to open a second location focusing on that good old Korean favourite chimaek (치맥). Fried chicken and beer has always been a winning combination in Korea, and with the staggering rise of craft beer, it was only going to be a matter of time before someone modernized this classic pairing.


We ordered some beer to kick things off, I got a Mocha Stout from Hand and Malt (8,000). I’ve really taken to drinking rich chocolatey stouts lately, which is strange after years of staying as far away from Guinness as possible, but this one from H&M is excellent. TFB tried The Southie an Irish red by Maloneys. (9,000). I found it rather on the bitter side, but he liked it and proclaimed it to be of decent flavour and not too heavy.


We also got a tasting paddle to try the rest (11,000). Served in these adorable science beakers.  We tried two different IPA’s, a strong rye ale, and a Belgian wheat beer. For me the stand out was the Belgian beer, it was just so light, refreshing, and drinkable. We even got an extra pint of it after. The menu has a good mix of beers on it which should please everyone, plus they have Cass for the budget conscious.


We really couldn’t decide what to get after taking a look at the food, actually that’s a lie, I just wanted to try everything. So we got a special platter made up of fried chicken, Yang Nyum chicken, and the limited edition ramyeon coated chicken (20,000). If you want to order it then just ask for The Fat Girl Special!


We tried the ramyeon chicken first, the coating was super crunchy with the bashed up pieces of noodles on the outside. Next was the original fried chicken. Pretty much a standard fried chicken you find all over Korea but nicer. The coating was very well seasoned and the chicken juicy and tender. Dan told me they old fry them once instead of the double frying and reheating that most restaurants tend to do to save time. The platter came with sides of coleslaw, and radish. When I first came to Korea, I always turned my nose up at the radish, but now I can’t get enough of it, it just works so well with chicken, chicken just isn’t the same without those tangy crunchy chunks of goodness. There was also a lemon salt which was very nice and a chili laced dipping sauce I only tried once, it was far too hot for me.


My favourite of the bunch was Yang Nyum (양념) chicken, I just couldn’t get enough of that lovely home made sauce, it was incredible so sweet and spicy.And I loved the nuts on top.  A really cool take on one of my favourite Korean street food snacks, a piece of chicken on a skewer that’s then battered and deep fried and covered with yang nyum sauce.


We also tried the Tochos (12,000). Simply nachos with tater tots instead of chips. These deep fried baby potato balls were topped with ground beef, cheese sauce, sour cream, and jalapenos. Nothing fancy but tasty as hell. I’m sure these will appeal to both Korean and western palettes.


To finish I couldn’t resist the Deep-fried Choco Pie with ice-cream (5,000). I’d go back for the Choco Pie alone. It was just so good, the perfect rich to sweet balance. I’ve had my fair share of deep fried Mars Bars before but they are too sickly and cloying, this was spot on though. The marshmallow was gooey and yummy, and worked well with the crispy batter on the outside. I could have probably eaten two of these, and I’m sure that it won’t be long before deep fried Choco Pies are all the rage with the Churro Mafia.


Brew 3.15 is a great take on a typical Korean Hoff, just with better beer and some more westernised sides. A great spot to take your Korean friends next time they invite you out for Chimaek!


Brew 3.15 is located at Jongno-gu, Ikseon-dong 74, Seoul. To get there take a train to Jongro 3 ga (lines 1, 3, and 5) and come out exit 7. Cross the road, take a right, and walk straight. After about 100m when you reach the crepe restaurant take a left. Walk straight and follow that road along for about 50m or so until you reach Hase Bar and you will see it tucked away in a little alleyway to the right just opposite Brew 3.14. For more information you can call them on 070-4178-3049 or check out their facebook page.



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