Last Saturday I achieved a life long ambition of taking part in an eating contest. To launch their new 50cm Big Dog (16,000), Bulldogs asked for volunteers to take on the challenge of seeing who could eat it in the fastest time and I of course was at the front of the queue.


The hotdog was absolutely staggeringly big, this is definitely one to share with one or two other people. In a giant bun, is a giant sausage, cheese, onion, nachos chips, and jalapeños. It’s actually quite a bargain if you aren’t trying to eat it as fast as possible.


There were 8 contestants in total. Felix from Nigeria, Linus of Linus BBQ, Phil and Robbie from Southside Parlour, Yours truly, The Fat Boyfriend, Mat from Restaurants of Korea, and Ricky from England. I was the only female competitor and was starting to feeling nervous about competing against all those boys. But I felt as long as I beat The Fat boyfriend then I’d be happy. I’d also seen Linus Kim compete in a Vatos two Sid Burger challenge and seen him crush the other competitors, so my money was him and his special eating gloves.


The hotdogs were presented and we were off. There was definitely some strategy going  on because all the British competitors are sitting down, and the Americans standing up, but which is the better method for eating contests?

As you can see from the video I came in 2nd place, I couldn’t believe it. A lifetime of over eating finally paid off. The Fat Boyfriend started off strong but couldn’t keep up the pace. I finished it in 2:54. I was 30 seconds behind Ricky in first, but if I wasn’t going to win then I’m glad the winner was English.  Felix came in 3rd, Linus in 4th, The Fat Boyfriend 5th, Phil 6th, Robbie 7th, and Mat took the wooden spoon.


The Big Dog is available at both the Itaewon & Gangnam locations. If you are feeling left out and want to take up the challenge yourself it’s still not too late. If you can beat the fastest time on the board you can get the hot dog for free, and if you beat my time you can get 50% off. Then there are also smaller discounts for beating the rest of the times on the board. Good luck, and happy hot dogging.



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