Yona Yona Burger is one of the many new restaurants to open up on the top of the hill in Itaewon. It seems to be in a shared location with the oddly named Modest Pub, which I feel is the most ridiculous name for a pub ever! Why on earth would a pub strive to be modest? So bizarre, but anyhow WINK!


So a burger joint / pub for humble patrons. Last time I was walking past I had taken a good old gander at the menu and been very tempted, nothing gets my juices flowing like the promise of a burger. But I snubbed it, somewhat thanks to the name and partly due to the rapid expansion of the area feeling it would be just another new place trying to cash in on the Churro Mafia crowds. However another of my friends went and loved it, and his word was good enough for me so off I went to check them out.


I took along my new best friend voice actress, starlet, lush, and girl about town Katie to check it out with me. It was pretty empty when we arrived, so we had our choice of seats. The waitress offered us both restaurant menus but we of course opted for the burger one.


We decided to split a shake to drink and then get another one if it was good. The Vanilla Milkshake (5,500) was rather yummy indeed, a nice balance of sweet creaminess. After the success of the vanilla shake,  we ordered a Strawberry Milkshake (6,000), But sadly I didn’t enjoy it as much as the vanilla one. They also had an Oreo mango shake on the menu which sounded like the most bizarre concoction ever, especially since it says on the menu that it’s made with Perrier. Strange but true!


There are 10 different burgers on the menu, with a good range of different toppings that should satisfy everyone. I went for the Mushroom Melt Burger (9,900).It was topped with mushrooms, mozzarella, caramelized onions, bacon, sour cream and lettuce.  At first bite I was very happy with my choice, it was tasty with a good distribution of salad and cheese, and grilled mushrooms. The patty was tasty and seasoned well but nothing orgasmic. It had an excellent meat to bun ratio though. It didn’t produce a party in my mouth but it was very close. And after I had gobbled it up I strongly considered trying a second, if I had been with TFB I certainly would have. To me the ideal burger is so good, I immediately order a second one straight after. Sadly there is not currently a burger in Seoul that does it for me, the Ultimate burger from Burger B used to, but it hasn’t quite been up to scratch the last few times I’ve had it.


Katie ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Burger (11,000). Philly cheese steak, grilled mushrooms, provolone cheese and japapeno spread. She seemed to enjoy it. Pretty generous with the meat and cheese, but as you can see it was a bit too juicy. I never want to see a pool of juice from a burger, a smear is one thing but not a pool, never a pool. Luckily all the burgers come with a burger bag, which stops us messy eaters getting covered with half of the insides.


Instead of getting fries we decided to get Mac N Cheese (7,000) to share. If you are fond of the plasticy craft box kind then its sure to be hit for you. For me since I didn’t grow up eating it I prefer a more rugged home made version with an actual cheese sauce so I didn’t really care for it. It was also rather on the expensive side if it did come from a box.  I have heard good things about the onion rings and chili fries though, so I will be sticking with them next time.


All in all I was pretty happy with my dinner at Yona Yona burger. Not cheap, but not too pricey either it worked out to be about 20,000 each with all the add-ons. I think the key is to stick with the burgers though, if you are looking for a good cheap eat.


Yona Yona burger is located at 455-33 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station(line 6). Come out exit 3 and hang a left across the road. Take the stairs up and cross the footbridge. Take a right at the top and follow the road around the corner past Petra, Coreanos, and Berlin. Yona Yona Burger is on your left. For more information you can call them on or check out their facebook page.



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