Living the expat life here in Korea is a life full of joyous experiences and and endless wonderment. However it isn’t always peaches and cream, even just the simplest thing like finding our favourite comfort foods or special dietary ingredients can be mind numbingly difficult. But like any good Samaritan I always strive to do my bit and help you source all those fabulous foods you have been desperately hankering after.


Enter Butters & Treats, an awesome new company which hand makes all manner of nut butters right here in Korea then ships them directly to your door. Now I’m sure everyone is more than familiar with the undisputed champion of the nut-butter world, peanut butter (6,500), but you really haven’t lived until you have tried the wonderfulness that is cashew butter (9,500). Oh my, cashew butter, what do you do to me? Ever eat an entire jar of peanut butter with nothing but a spoon(or your finger) because it was so damn tasty? Well try timing that by about a million and you will get an idea of how amazing cashew nut butter is. It a sweet and creamy substance which is more addictive than crack, but thankfully far healthier.


And it’s not only cashew, Butters & Treats also make the healthiest butter around, almond butter (9,500)! Insatiably tasty and packed with nutrients galore, it can transform your morning smoothie from mundane to fabulous with just a spoonful of it’s buttery goodness.


For those following strict diets, a decent range of nut butters can be life saving, unless you are allergic to nuts of course……. You can use them in baked goods, in smoothies, on toast, spread on apples and cheese, or just straight out of the jar!


If you would like to get your hands on some of the scrummy nut butters from Butters and Treats all you have to do is visit their facebook page, have a scroll through their kick ass menu then place your order. Before you know it you’ll have a knock at your door and your delivery will have arrived!



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